44 Day Health & Wellness Programme...  

Preliminary video recorded 24th Oct, PLEASE WATCH...

Preliminary Actions


1st call with you

During the next week (Mon 26th - Fri 30th) David and myself together, will call you individually to discuss the programme and what you would specifically like to achieve from it.

The calls will be between 7pm - 9pm and we'll touch base with each of you individually, to arrange your call.


We will forward you the link to the first 11 (essential) habits by the end of the week (Fri 30th). You will receive the link to the second 11 (advanced) habits by the 23rd November.

Group interaction

We've set up a Facebook private group (instead of WhatsApp) so we can communicate to everybody at the same time.

Please feel free to share your experiences.

If you wish to discuss something of a more personal nature, feel free to contact me privately via messenger.

We ask that everybody respects each other to maintain a healthy and positive environment for everyone to benefit from.

Additional Info

We'll be adding a lot of additional useful info (tips & tricks) throughout the 44 days.


The Programme (recap):


It consists of 22 habits designed to skyrocket your health & wellbeing.


The programme workbook is very comprehensive (121 pages) giving you all the knowledge, scientific research and tips for each individual habit.


However, you can read it in one go if you wish or just use as a reference and educational tool as required as we've summarised all the habits as a set of simple daily recommended actions, and that's what we want you to concentrate on and trial for us.

Its in 2 parts:

Part 1 ~ this is 11 essential habits that we'll concentrate on for the first 22 days. 

Part 2 ~ this is 11 advanced habits that we'll introduce to you on day 23 (23rd Nov 2020), so from that point there's up to 22 habits to consider.

Some of the habits are meant to be done daily (predominantly the essential habits) and some when its right for you, as you'll see. Its quite self explanatory as you understand what they individually are.

Let's put some more meat on the bone...


To get a snapshot of the benefits of the 11 essential habit, click on the first image below and then the second image for the benefits of the 11 advanced habits.

Each link will give you an overview of the programme benefits and if you scroll down to the snapshot section, you'll get an indication of the benefits of each individual habit.

Coaching element

This is in 2 parts, personal and group coaching.

Personal coaching ~ this involves 3 individual phone calls with you;

Call 1 ~ Myself and David will have a telephone conversation with you between Mon 26th Oct - Fri 30th Oct to learn more about you and what you would specifically like to gain from the programme (e.g. weight loss, remove anxiety, better sleep, more energy etc).

Call 2 - This will be done at the midway point (week commencing 23rd Nov) to discuss how things are going and give you advice and recommendations as required, to help you benefit as much as possible, going forward.

Call 3 - At the end of the programme we'll discuss how you are doing, get your feedback on the programme and give you ongoing advice and recommendations to take away.


Group coaching;

Anybody who has ever been to weight watchers/slimming world or used a gym, will understand the extra motivation that comes with being connected to others going through the same process.

Its an opportunity to share experiences, have a bit of humour, swap notes & experiences and most importantly encourage each other.

So, we're going to set up a messenger group so we can communicate, support and encourage you continually as a group.

We'll add tips, suggestions on a daily basis and encourage everyone to add their experiences and challenges so everyone can benefit from the collective experience.

Although we'll look to interact regularly throughout each day, there will be 2 separate hours each day (9.30am - 10.30am & 8pm - 9pm) where we'll be always available to interact and answer any questions you have. 

If the question is of a sensitive nature, you can also communicate privately with us via Whatsapp.

Lets summarise the programme


44 Day Health & Wellbeing Programme


   Start date: 1st November 2020

    End date: 14th December 2020

    Volunteers required: 15

    Personal Coaching ~ 3 coaching calls

    Group Coaching ~ All 44 days

   You get all the materials free ~ Value £222.00

N.b. We'll give you all the materials a week before the programme starts and will arrange to have your first coaching call from 26th - 30th October so you are ready to go on 1st November.


  Your commitment

  • Make a concerted effort to do as many of the habits as you can each day.

  • Make yourself available for the 3 personal coaching calls (we'll arrange suitable times in advance).

  • Keep a positive mindset, respect and encourage other participants, with any group interaction.

  • Provide us with constructive feedback at the end of the programme.

This is David btw

Myself and David are very excited about the programme and really looking forwarded to working with you.


Come mid December, you're going to feel great 😊 

Best wishes