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  33 Day Health & Wellness Challenge...  

From Sat 30th January 2021 ~ Wed 3rd March 2021



Do You Fancy Trialling a Free Health Programme?

There's no catch whatsoever, Me and David have devised a health and wellness programme that we would like volunteers to trial and give us feedback.


We've already done one successful trial recently during Nov/Dec and after making a few tweaks we'd like to run a second trial.

Here's what you get


The programme is a set of 11 essential habits designed to significantly enhance your health & wellbeing.


You'll also receive additional information regarding healthy weight loss and weight management (not calorie restriction, i.e. diet).

There will also be a private Facebook group where we'll share a lot of additional related information to motivate, inspire and coach you.

We'll also set up a Whatsapp group to coach and motivate you throughout the 33 days. 

All we want in return is your feedback at the end of the 33 days!

Click on the following image for a snapshot of the benefits...


IMG_7920 copy.jpg

This is David btw

essential ipad.jpg

33 Day Health & Wellbeing Programme Summary


   Start date: 30th January 2021

    End date: 3rd March 2021

    Volunteers required: 20

    Personal Coaching ~ via Facebook & Whatsapp Groups

    You get to keep all the materials ~ Value £197.00

N.b. We'll give you all the materials a couple of days before the programme starts. 


  Your commitment

  • Make a concerted effort to do as many of the habits as you can each day.

  • Keep a positive mindset, respect and encourage other participants, with any group interaction.

  • Provide us with constructive feedback at the end of the programme.

If you'd like to take part in the challenge, simply complete the boxes below to secure your place.


Best wishes


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