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 About Stephen... 

Tough plasterer from Doncaster starts seeing ghosts and then gives up drink on the spot 😊!

Hello, I’m Stephen Kirkbride.

Now I’m sure you’ve read many ‘about me’ sections in the past that are written in the third person to add more gravitas and importance.


I won’t be doing any of that. As a straight-talking, proud and friendly Yorkshireman, I’ll talk to you like a friend I’ve just met, if that’s ok with you?

Obviously, I’ve got no idea what you want to know, so I’ll make the assumption that you’re very curious (a nosy git as we’d say round my way 😉) and I’ll give you a ‘warts n all’ chronological version.

I’ve put titles on the sections (I’m good like that ), so you can skip and jump around as you please as I spill the beans on the real me (not for the faint hearted!) and the unfolding journey to becoming a numerologist, healthy living mentor, healer and psychic.

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Warning! There will be some dirty laundry aired!


I get asked all the time at shows and events how I got into numerology, healthy living and became a deeply spiritual healer.


So, to add more credence to those drawn to me for any of the services I offer, (particularly healing services), I’ve included my spiritual awakening journey and so you can understand how I’ve became blessed with divine gifts and guidance to help others.


It’s quite a long one…

You might want to pause now and put the kettle on!

I'll assume you've got your cup of tea, so let’s crack on!

The early years…

I came into the world on 30th December 1964. I was born in Doncaster in the UK and have lived there all my life. Anybody who’s listened to me wax lyrical about the benefits of living in Doncaster would know why I regard it s the centre of the universe 😄!

I live with my wife Susan, but I’m wise enough to not mention her age !

We have three grown up kids, 6 grand kids and three foster kids called Duncan, Dylan & Devon and a dog named Molly.

Growing up…

Around the age of 4 when I was knee high to a grasshopper, I had this obsession with the numbers 4 & 8, I would tap under my school desk 4 times and on top 8 times. My mum says I even did this as a baby tapping away on my cot.

I didn’t know why I did this at the time, I just felt compelled to do it. The number 48 was instinctively very significant to me, but it would be a long time before I would find out why.

Looking back now, I was always destined to become a numerologist .

I was also what you would call a daydreamer at school. I would spend a lot of my classroom time staring out the window in wonder at all the amazing images and numbers I would see in the clouds.

Fortunately for me, I had an understanding maths teacher for a few years who allowed and encouraged me to do it. He’d seen some atrocities during the 2nd world war and seem to instinctively understand that daydreaming and allowing my imagination to run wild was important for my growth and well-being.

Growing up in the 60’s & 70’s I always seemed to be messing around outside with school mates. We loved building dens, playing on the train tracks, climbing trees, scrapping with rival schools, the usual stuff!

Beer & women…

It was around the age of 15 we realised we could get served in pubs and Friday & Saturday nights would never be the same again . It was also around this time when females started to attract our attention and for the first time in our lives we actually made an effort with our appearance.

You could liken it to a dog getting a taste of blood for the first time, once we got a taste of beer and women, we just wanted more, as you do!

With Doncaster being a big mining town in that era, it helped if you were able to take care of yourself as there were some rough places and a few rough individuals around.

In fact, some places we so rough that even the dogs roamed around in three’s 😊! Fortunately for me, I was endowed with a 6ft 1 inch frame and a bit of brawn and knew how to take care of myself.

Early career…


Being the practical sort, I was attracted to the construction trades and chose a career in plastering.


After learning the ropes and becoming very proficient, I became self-employed and started to build up a good reputation around Doncaster and South Yorkshire.


Then I had a right stroke of luck! Do you remember Harry Enfield’s ‘Loadsamoney’ character from the mid 80’s?


The character was basically a cockney plasterer bragging about all the money he was making. Although it was a very funny creation, it changed the public’s perception about the value of plasterers.


People started to believe good plasterers were very expensive and the going rate, literally doubled overnight! Customers simply expected to pay a lot more for a good plasterer, so I had to get some work trousers with bigger pockets for all the extra cash 😊.


I owe Harry Enfield for making me a lot of extra money for no extra effort 😊. One day I’d love to meet him, buy him a pint and thank him personally.


I also did a lot of project management on building sites and spent a few years working in Germany too. For those who remember it, think of the tv programme ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet.’

Plasterer by day, plastered by night…


I was a natural grafter, I can remember weeks where I’d do a 14-hour shift, straight down the boozer for 12-14 pints (one for every hour worked, it was the law back then 😉), home to sleep and up early to graft again.


Of course, with the financial rewards, the was plenty of incentive to work long hours. I loved plastering, loved earning good money and I loved a well-earned drink, it was thirsty work! Those were happy days.


Growing up in a tough northern town (it certainly was back then) in the boozy 80’s & 90’s, there was quite a bit of fighting going on. Let’s just say there was a lot of territorial stuff between the local villages and boroughs and bragging rights to be had.


You could say I ended up with my fair share of scraps as you do, anyway it turns out, being a big strong lad forged in the construction trades, I was pretty good at it.


Bare knuckle champ…


I did say warts n all!


Rather than fighting in pubs (just defending myself of course!) I put my natural talent to good use and started bare knuckle fighting for money.


In a nutshell, this is 2 consenting adults fighting for pride and money under specific conditions. More often than not, I took home the spoils and earned a very good local reputation as a bare-knuckle fighter in South Yorkshire.


Although I now see the world in a very different and loving light, I have some very fond memories of this period and acknowledge this is who I was (having some fun!) prior to my spiritual awakening.

Family man …


Whilst working long hours, doing my fair share of drinking and a bit of fighting, I’ve always been a big family man (it’s written in my numbers) and love having a close family.


Although it sounds slightly outdated nowadays, I was the breadwinner whilst Su was a dedicated housewife, bringing up the kids. They didn’t want for much with all the money coming in, we were a proper old fashioned loving northern family.


I also love the fact that my parents, 3 brothers, 3 kids and their respective families, all still live within a couple of miles of each other in Doncaster. I hope this continues indefinitely.


In fact I would love my 3 kids and their families to one day come back and live with us again in a big family property, a bit like they do on the continent in places like Italy & Germany.


From plastering to fostering…


After 30 years in the plastering trade my life took a rather different direction when I felt I’d done my share of plastering and Su and I became foster carers.


I still keep my hand in and do the occasional plastering job which is often helping my son as he followed in my footsteps.


Apart from the hours of 9am – 3pm on a week day when the kids are at school, there aren’t many quiet moments around the house with 3 young lads and our own kids and families dropping in and out. However, we wouldn’t have it any other way 😊.


Putting my construction industry knowledge and experience to good use, we’ve managed to extend the family home in recent years to add an additional 4 rooms to accommodate everyone. It has a wonderful calm and loving energy that I’m very grateful for.

Gut feeling…


On the 30th December 2012 (my 48th birthday) I had a gut feeling something big was going to happen to me in the next 12 months.


Ghost in my kitchen…


It was the evening of 29th December 2013 the day before my 49th birthday. I had a bottle whisky all ready to celebrate my birthday the following day as I was still quite a heavy drinker at the time.


Then it happened!!


I was in my kitchen washing up a few cups when I turned around and saw a woman standing there. I instinctively pushed out towards her (thinking it was a burglar) when I fell through her onto the floor.


I looked up and then saw it was a female ghost that then disappeared into the floor as a gold spiral of energy. It left me paralysed in fear and speechless trying to make sense of it.


At that point my daughter walked in and asked if I was ok, but I still couldn’t speak. She thought I’d maybe had a heart attack and was about to ring an ambulance.


Still unable to speak, I grabbed a pen and paper a wrote ‘seen a ghost’ which made her laugh. I then grabbed the bottle of whiskey trying to make sense of it all.


I had a couple of calming whiskey’s when I heard someone whisper “Stephen, Stephen.” It was my deceased grandad whispering to me, he then materialises, and we start having a conversation.


I’m I really stood here talking to my dead grandad?


It’s now getting very surreal. One minute I’m a heavy drinking, partying, ex bare knuckle fighting plasterer and foster carer as well as a typical and proud Yorkshireman, now I’m talking to dead people!


WTF is going on???

Time to wake up Stephen William Kirkbride, you’ve got an important job to do…


The first thing my grandad tells me is that I’m going to choose to stop drinking immediately. My first thought is…b******s, I’ve got a full bottle of whiskey for my birthday tomorrow and its New Year’s Eve in 48 hours.


I then get to find out the significance of 48 in my life! My grandad then says, “sorry about the numbers 4 & 8, we gave them to you at birth.” “We called before at age 32 and again at 40 but you weren’t ready then, but you are now.”


“Ready for what?” Was my response.


It turns out that the first 48 years of my life were to have lots of fun and a decent life, I think I over-achieved on the fun bit 😉.


But on the very last day of being 48, I had been abruptly woken up spiritually (most people get a gradual awakening!) ready to start doing an important job to heal people and help raise the vibration of humanity in readiness for the new world we’re moving towards (more about that later).


The number 48 had instinctively been with me my entire life but I never realised why until now.


My grandad also told me I would be on a stage in front of 200 people in 10 days helping them to communicate with their deceased loved ones.


I’m thinking, hold on a minute grandad, ‘I’m a heavy drinking, partying, ex bare knuckle fighting plasterer/foster carer and typical Yorkshireman who isn’t spiritual in the slightest! “How the hell am I going to be on stage in 10 days when I don’t know the first thing about it?”

You’ve already got the abilities Stephen…


My grandad says “Just trust Stephen, it’s going to happen. You have been highly attuned to a psychic vibration and have the ability to heal with your eyes, voice, hands and auric field” it will all fall in to place.


The conversation with my grandad lasted around an hour and my old life had ended, just like that.


After the conversation, I grabbed the bottle of whiskey and poured it down the sink without a second thought. I was effectively a changed person after this experience with no desire to drink and party like I used to.


Over the next 48 hours my friends and family we’re ringing and texting to plan the usual big New Year’s Eve shindig. As you can imagine, they thought I was winding them up when I declared I no longer drink! It came as a bit of a shock to them when they realised I wasn’t joking.


For the first time in over 30 years I had a very sedate alcohol-free birthday and stayed in on New Year’s Eve!


Off to spiritual church…


Over the next few days, as I began to embrace these psychic/spiritual gifts, I realised that I could communicate directly with spirits. Or perhaps I should say, spirits were now coming to me wanting to pass on messages to living people. If you've seen the movie 'Ghost' with Whoopi Goldberg's character, you'll get the get the picture.


I was drawn to the local spiritualist church in Doncaster which I visited for the first time on 3rd Jan 2014. It was there that I met a guy named Michael Fenn who was a psychic medium that did regular shows on the spiritualist church circuit mainly around Yorkshire.


On realising I could communicate with spirits, Michael took me under his wing and invited me to join him on stage at an event in the Harrogate spiritualist church that Sunday, 5th January. Here was an opportunity to pass on messages from spirit to loved ones, I was very happy to do my bit.


Here I am, just as my grandad told me, on stage in front of 200 people in a spiritual capacity all within 10 days!! I did 11 readings that night and was very well received by the audience.


Can you imagine how difficult it was for my friends and family to comprehend the changes. On 28th December 2013 I was still the old drinking, partying, don’t believe in that spiritual crap, tough Yorkshireman and by 5th January 2014, I was teetotal and on stage in spiritual church, lovingly passing on messages from spirits to loved ones.


They’d say to each other, “Wassup wi ow Steeve, ee’s away wi fairies” (that’s how they talk in Doncaster 😊).

1st Spirit guide actually turned up in 1968…


I found out at this point that I have a spirit guide called Anne who had been with me since 4th April 1968, she came in to help save me that day when I was hit by a car crossing the road.


It could have easily been fatal as I was only 3, they said at the time “it’s a bloody miracle young Stephen wasn’t killed” but now of course I realise, it was divine intervention at work 😊 thank you Anne. 


Anne is still with me and has help preserved me over the years from physical danger.


2014 ~ Fully awake….


Until October 2014, I spent every other Sunday on stage with Michael in spiritualist churches passing on messages. At this point I felt it was time expand my healing abilities and joined different spiritual groups and trained as a Reiki healer.


2015 ~ Study time…


With my grandad still guiding me (n.b. I can directly communicate with him by either talking out loud or inside my head), I spent a lot of time around spiritual groups, workshops and learning healing practises.


I started to help a lot of people through Reiki and something called Dorne therapy. I would also pass on messages to these people when appropriate as I had spirits continually communicating with me.


2015 was an intense year of study, I had a real thirst for esoteric and spiritual knowledge and devoured book after book to expand my horizons. Being psychic and communicating with spirits is second nature to me at this point as I’ve been doing it for almost 2 years.

Disaster strikes…


On 6th December 2015 my deceased grandad who had been with me in spirit since 29th December 2013, suddenly left me. There was no warning, I was suddenly in the dark and had basically lost all my power. So, I thought!


I was very despondent at the time, to have been given wonderful psychic gifts from nowhere and then just as quickly have them removed was a little depressing to say the least.


I felt powerless and even contemplated going back to my old life of drinking and partying as I felt I was now unable to help anyone.


Enter 'my boy' Qual…(pronounced Quawl)


The darkness only lasted 6 days and changed in the middle of a train journey. A little Egyptian boy called Qual came to me on the 12th December 2015 and is still with me to this day 😊.


Qual is my main guide, he is 10 years old and from the 23rd Egyptian dynasty, he was my son in his last lifetime and died in 0523 BC. Qual explained that my grandad had an important job to do in spirit and had to go but he will now be with me for a number of years.


All my psychic abilities have not only returned, they are significantly enhanced. With having direct communication to the spirit world (i.e. I can openly communicate with Qual in the spirit world) it means I have access to phenomenal wisdom and the Akashic records.


So, with Qual at my side I now start doing private readings to help people from mid-December 2015. Whether its clients wanting to know their soul purpose in this lifetime, overcome specific issues, wanting to know about past lives, removing dark energy, having a physical or emotional healing or just wanting to know about deceased friends and family, I’m now gladly able to help 😊.


It’s time to serve humanity!

Enter higher dimensional beings…


I was woken up by Qual in the early hours of the morning on a cold February night in 2016 who told me to get dressed and jump in the car. I was led to a remote spot in rural Shropshire, I didn’t question it as I trusted the guidance from Qual.


I met 2 other people who were also guided to be at this remote spot at the same time, none us knew why we were there we just followed the guidance.


The reason then became clear as some higher dimensional benevolent beings appeared, and we started communicating telepathically. Let’s say they were communicating telepathically, I was speaking out loud at first.


It turns out, with my level of vibration, psychic abilities, path ahead (which they can see) and my past connection with then (before I came to earth as a human), they wanted to connect with me and offer their guidance from this point onwards.


In addition to Qual, I now have multiple higher dimensional beings to call on to assist me with private readings and healings (as required) as part of my path to heal and raise the vibration of humanity as we move to the rapidly approaching new world.


The other 2 people were there to help facilitate this introduction to me. I feel even more blessed.




As well as continuing to study spiritual stuff voraciously (big word for a Yorkshireman don’t you think?) and visiting many spiritual groups, I was now doing quite a lot of private readings as people got to know me.


In April of 2016 I was listening to a broadcast called ‘The Richie Allen Show’ who featured a guy named Tony talking about past lives and reincarnation. After the show I sent Tony a nice message to say I enjoyed the show and he was pretty much spot on with his info.


He immediately called to say thank you and we got chatting and had a lot in common, let’s just say we’d spent a lot of time together over a few lifetimes.


It was certainly no coincidence (there are no coincidences btw 😊) that we should connect at this point in time as we have the same basic objective which I’m coming to in a bit.


We met up a few times over the next few months and became good friends. He helped me launch a basic website in May 2016 to put my services out there and strongly endorsed me to his clients and contacts.


Enter David…


One of the people Tony introduced me to was a handsome young

fellow called David Orrey who came to see me a couple of times in June 2016 as he was only down the road in Lincoln.


It turns out David had seen the same ‘Richie Allen Show’ broadcast featuring Tony and got in touch with him in the January and started doing some spiritual work with him.


It seems the 3 of us have had many intertwined lives and have all woken up in quick succession with the same objective, again just coincidence 😉.


David is basically my right-hand man, as a number 4 life path he’s perfect for doing all the organising and the boring stuff (he did this

whole website btw, as I haven't got a clue!) while I get to chat, drink

tea and help people 😊.

Here's David, always happy, especially  when he's got a

lovely bird on his arm! 

He’s the one doing the paperwork and fetching the teas at shows or handing me cup of teas and mopping my brow whilst I’m doing the videos. As I’m a number 8 life path and David is a 4, we have very compatible energy (it’s in the numbers) and work well together.

Numerology comes to the fore…


I’ve been fascinated with numbers all my life as you know, and I really started to study numerology intensely during 2016.


I was still doing lots of private readings and healings which, important as they are (and part of my mission), they can become energetically draining if I do lots in quick succession, especially dealing with client’s deep issues and dark energy.


By contrast, numerology is quite upbeat and intriguing in the way it provides meaning and enhances people’s lives. There is a lot of fun and intrigue as people start to discover themselves on a much deeper level.


So, to strike a nice energetic balance on a personal level, I decided that in addition to the private readings/healings, I would become a professional numerologist and offer short readings at the mind body spirit shows and longer readings in private.


With David as my assistant, we did a private gathering in late 2016 and the numerology service was born.



The very first numerology show was at the Awakening event in Manchester in early March, what a show to pick!


Offering a 10-minute preview for £5 with personal report to follow, we were snowed under all day long. On top of that, I had my first ever public talk at 3pm on one of the smaller stages and had around 150 people waiting for me, wow!!


What a baptism of fire! A long and very busy day but very rewarding at the same time.


We get to meet lots of lovely people, watch their reaction as they start to realise how their names and date of births know everything about them and have lots of fun. WE LOVE IT 😊.


We did around 25 shows during 2017 from small intimate venues to large events with a thousand plus people coming through the doors over the day/weekend.


Enter Saul…


Its March 2017 and I have another spirit guide join me on my quest, so on the spirit team now is Anne, Qual, Saul and a small group of higher dimensionals...hope you’re keeping up!


Saul has come to join me to help with taking away dark energy when required during private healing sessions. He’s a warrior with a mighty sword (think Archangel Michael) and assists me in removing and banishing the dark.


Prior to Saul, after removing the dark energy from the client to myself (that’s how I did it), I would be physically sick to enable me to release it. It wasn’t pleasant but nevertheless an important job to help the client heal, now I’m spared this thanks to Saul who will help remove it from the client to save me having to be drained by the experience 😊.

2 new guides...


On 20th Feb 2018 (powerful day numerologically) I had 2 more powerful guides come to me ready for a new venture I would be launching with David in the near future regarding health, empowerment and emotional liberation.

We hadn't planned anything specific at this point but had the seeds were sown!

The 2 new guides are both bloodline related, there’s Albert who is my grandfather and Cecil who is a distant relative who died in the early 1900’s. Both men were very powerful in their own right and are now with me to provide guidance on how best to impart this very important information.

New venture…

Back in 2018, we could clearly see from all the healing's and numerology consultations that the general state of both the physical and the mental health of the population, wasn't good.


Especially for women who have a lot more pressure just to keep up and fit in with modern life (n.b. 85% - 90% of our consultations are women as they are generally more open and drawn to the spiritually related pursuits).

We noticed with the systematic drip feeding through the mainstream media of what you should look like etc, has alone caused massive collective anxiety and insecurity throughout the female population. This is doing a lot of harm individually and very often manifests with poor physical health too.


We started looking at the best ways to counteract this. We wanted to do something to massively improve peoples health and well-being by helping them adopt some very good healthy living habits.

We also wanted to provide tools and methods to clear out and heal (as much as possible) any mental and emotional issues.


Then relight the fires within, as this is where the real power and liberation lies. This even includes waking up the incredible spiritual and sexual gifts we've all been blessed with. They are sources of great power which very often remain repressed and dormant.


We want to teach and inspire people to wake up and embrace these gifts, so they can feel absolutely wonderful and glow from the inside with a beautiful radiant energy. It’s about tapping into divine energy and bathing in it.


In a nutshell...Vibrant Health and everything you see on this website is the culmination and offering from this new venture.  


We did quite a few numerology events in 2019 but not as many as usual as we were migrating more towards healthy living advice and recommendations.

We started doing 'healthy living' related talks from the summer of 2019 and planning products, methods and tools to help people.

Behind the scenes, I love to read and in recent years have read a couple of hundred books related to health, well-being and self development. 

What you see in the 2 plans offered on the website is 9 months specific planning and research to create products with the power to provide massive transformations to peoples health and lives. Simple  step by step guides and a set of tools and methods to enhance all aspects of personal health.

Quite a few people thought myself and David we're a bit quite on the 'mind, body & spirit' scene in 2019, this is what we were doing 😊.

We finally launched Vibrant Health on 1st June 2020, which poignantly was 4 years to the day that myself and David first met.

A bit of humility…


Now it could be very easy to get carried away with the spiritual gifts I am fortunate to possess and let the ego slip in.


However, I’m very mindful never to do that as at the end of the day, all I am is a channel for spirit and higher dimensional entities to use for the purposes of healing individual souls and raising vibrations.


Although it appears to be me with the magic, it’s them doing it through me, I just have to be present!


Our mission (Myself & David)…


This sounds like the corporate bit 😊!


If you’ve read it all (you deserve a medal 😉) you’ll have seen a few references to the coming new world and raising the vibration of humanity as my job/mission/raison d'être.


Let me explain further.


The earth is on the verge of moving into a new dimension (within a few years), when I say a higher dimension, it isn’t a place, it’s a higher state of consciousness where everything is perceived very differently.


You can notice and feel the changing energy if you really tune in. This is why time is perceived as moving so fast these days, it is slowly collapsing as the vibration of the planet steadily increases as we move closer to a higher dimension.


When we get there as a planet, it will be spectacular for all humans (for those who choose to go with it, everyone gets to choose btw), life will become an absolute joy. It’s a state where spiritual awareness and a sense of connection to everyone and everything goes through the roof in a very nice way (it will be a mass awakening).


This is the lifetime we all came for out of all our many incarnations. What is coming is how we’re meant to live as spiritual beings having a human experience, not what we’ve got.

Raising the vibration of humanity…


Now, for the planet and everyone on it to transcend to this new dimension, the vibration needs to be raised significantly for mankind. We’re in a bit of mess in one respect but we’re on track.


We all have individual vibrations, if you imagine a vibration scale between 1 – 1000, the lower end (1) represents shame, fear, depression etc (very negative vibrations), whilst the higher end (1000) represents joy, love, enlightenment. This scale is known as the 'map of the scale of consciousness.' 


Every human is somewhere on that scale between 1 – 1000, the average of humanity is around the 200 mark. What humanity needs to do is raise as many people’s vibrations as high as possible, towards the upper end of the scale.


The control system we all live in (let’s call it the matrix) is orchestrated in such as way as to keep tight control and keep everybody’s vibration as low as possible for as long as they can (the low vibrational energy is a source of sustenance to the controllers - deep subject).


Hence they create and contrive as much war, fear and negativity as possible, via the media/matrix along with the use of many harmful silent weapons.


Imagine trying to control a few billion enlightened souls, impossible and they know it. It’s only a matter of time (a few years or less) before we reach a vibrational tipping point, where a wonderful existence awaits in a higher dimension. Until then we’ve got to work at it.

Every habit, action, method and tool in our habit plans is designed to raise your vibration just that little bit more. Constant application (hence why we want you to develop the habits) will continually increase your vibration.


Collective effort…


Thankfully there are countless millions of beautiful souls already awakened and working to raise the vibration of humanity in many ways.


Our mission is to help this effort as much as possible through the vibrant health plans, private coaching, energy healing's, inspiration, education, love, kindness and in any other way we can.


This website and related media is one way we can help leverage this information and get to more people to raise individual/collective awareness and vibrations.


Will you help us?


Whether it’s sharing videos, articles, just telling your friends about the freebies or just waking them up to what’s coming, every action that raises someone’s individual vibration helps the collective cause.


In your everyday life, whether it’s simply helping someone or a random act of kindness, as long as its done with love from your heart, the collective vibration increases and all of humanity benefits.


Genuine heartfelt love towards others and animals is a very high and wonderful vibration to be in, let’s practice it together and make the world a better place 😊


Thank you for reading my story, if our paths cross, I look forward to meeting you.


With sincere love & blessings,



Stephen Kirkbride

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