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Vibrant Health Ebooks

If you prefer to read rather than watch all the individual programme video footage, you'll find all the individual programme guidebooks, as downloadable ebooks, below. Its all complimentary, you can donate if you wish, happy reading!

 3~Core Health & Wellbeing Programmes 
Designed to nurture your biological & spiritual essence, using the power of habit.

Based on 11 essential habits, this programme is designed to nourish your physical health & wellbeing, boost your energy levels and put a spring in your step 😊.

Based on 22 advanced habits, this holistic programme is designed to nourish and nurture your mind, body & soul and make you feel wonderful. It has it all 😊.

Learn how you can eat plenty to stay full, feel satisfied and maintain your optimal weight by working in tune with your mind & body. The only  weight/diet programme you'll ever need 😊.

Cover shot SWM programme.png

 2~Specialist Health & Wellbeing Programmes 
Specialist knowledge designed with the potential to make a significant difference.

Learn these 17 powerful money concepts, principles, tips & strategies to help you transform your financial future.... and then teach them to your kids 😊!

5. Numerology Based Healing Programme Ebook
(for Healers & Therapists) 

Use these valuable tools to help spot if a client has a high probability of unhealed trauma and potentially change their life for the better 😊!

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"Forget quick fix, the only solution to long term vibrant health & wellbeing is the consistent application of good natural habits"

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