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The Advanced Plan...

If You Can Handle The 11 Core Habits And These 11 Advanced Habits Too, You'll Be ON FIRE 🔥🔥🔥!  

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ON FIRE in a very good way, I should add 😊.

The advanced plan is 22 simple habits to provide complete nourishment and incremental growth for your mind, body & soul.

So, here's the deal...


You get the 11 essential habits from the essential plan which are designed to nourish your body & soul.




11 advanced habits that are designed to nourish your mind (predominantly) and help you flourish in all areas of your life.

To be specific, the first 4 advanced habits (12 - 15) will further enhance your physical health with the other 7 habits dedicated to your emotional and mental health & well-being.

We've also identified 8 key areas of your life that you need to consistently nurture, to be genuinely happy, healthy & fulfilled.

Neglect any one or more of these 8 areas and you'll be suffering on some level and more than likely compensating in some form (drink, drugs, food, stress, anxiety etc).

Building mental & emotional strength!

The latter 7 advanced habits (16 - 22) are designed to help you incrementally build a solid foundation of high self esteem, emotional balance and inner confidence. 

As, when you take care of your inner world, it will automatically be reflected (more positively) in your outer world.

We'll use Habit 17 to specifically help you uncover/rediscover your true values and what really matters, enthuses and inspires you the most.


This is very important to establish (especially if you are feeling a little lost) if you want to live a life of fulfilment and purpose, doing what energises and truly inspires you .

Once you get your values & priorities very clear, you then incrementally start to build a strong foundation and life around them, and from there you can aim for the stars 🚀.

But you've got to put the work in, initially!



Too many people are living other people's dreams and suppressing their own.


They're playing it safe and living lives of quiet desperation, otherwise known as the 'comfort zone'.


But, when you align your emotions (and this is the key to everything you want btw) with what truly inspires you, you can't wait to get up in the morning and do it.


Your enthusiasm and zest for life will go through the roof because you're living with purpose, BEING YOU 😀.

You'll shine!


I'm going to help you build a solid inner world so everyone around you in the outer world, will wonder what happened!!

All you need to do (we'll guide you step by step) is;


       ✔ figure out what you really want in your life.


       ✔ systematically do the associated actions (until they become   

            fixed habits) to incrementally create this in your life!



* never ever compare your life to others, that's a recipe for misery! 

* Don't think you've got to create massive success, build companies and earn a fortune etc (unless you genuinely want to).

* Your true values and inspiration might be to be a fantastic parent and dedicate your life to raising wonderful children. Or it might be having a small part-time business that you love.

* it is aligning your values and emotions with what genuinely inspires you and fills your life with joy and as the expression goes, 'you'll be as happy as a 'pig in sh*t 🐷'😁 !

There's no quick fix, I must add.

Once you've done the initial exercises, it will take a couple of months of repeated actions to fully form the required habits.


Its about steady, methodical and incremental progress through the repetition of simple action steps.

Then its plain sailing!

By consistently doing the habits every day, you start to build momentum, which compounds over time into big transformations!

And you'll feel fantastic and want to do it (and that's the key to it all, that I so desperately want you to understand and master 😊).

We've even added additional specific videos and related charts for this bit, to really make sure you get it!


You do want to feel fantastic (most of the time) don't you?

That is, naturally feel good, for no reason?

Did you say YES???


Ok, just checking 😉 


Let's talk about the investment required...

A full rundown of what you get is coming up shortly, then you can decide if it is for you.

If you want the advanced plan...

Its just an £222.00 one-off investment and you have instant access.

(N.b. If you want to start with the essential plan for £111.00 and then upgrade to the advanced plan later, you can. There's a £128.00 

upgrade option built in for this).


So, what do you actually get

for your investment?

The 11 essential habits of course, you can recap here.

Here's a snapshot of each advanced habit and a full summary of the plan...

Spa Essentials

Advanced Habits Snapshot...

Habit 12

This one will magnify and enhance all your good work from the first 12 habits. With a few adjustments in tune with how your body is designed to operate, this one will build natural immunity, energise you and raise your vibration. Powerful! 

This one is 'high octane' fuel for your bodies peak performance.

If you're body could communicate directly with you about what it needs (it does indirectly btw, through feeling) it would tell all about the significance and requirements based around this habit. 

Habit 13

Habit 14

This one is an effortless workout for you. Building on the benefits of habit 8, this is a simple tool for toning and burning a few calories for virtually no effort. You could just sit and watch TV and let your subconscious mind do all the work😊. GENIUS! 

Habit 15

This one will give you the forgotten 'caveman' advantage. It naturally counteracts many poor modern day 'energy depleting' habits, that we've all sleep walked into. With simple adjustments to your routine, you'll go about your day far more naturally energised.   

Habit 16

This one is about fulfilling your deep desire to connect. We all have a deep psychological need to feel connected for our emotional well-being and self-esteem. This habit will help you get the interaction and fulfilment you instinctively need and crave.

Habit 17

This is the big one that will bring fulfilment, balance and focus to all the important areas your life! You'll discover 8 key areas of your life that you need to have a regular positive input with, to create and maintain a happy, fulfilling and balanced life. 

Habit 18

This one will make you feel fantastic and is arguably the most important of the 22! This is the very foundation of feeling happy and enthused about life (naturally addictive). These simple techniques will positively rewire your brain and make you feel wonderful😀! 

Habit 19

This one is a key to mental liberation! This simple but powerful habit is the cornerstone of emotional advancement and mental well-being. Often the difference between success & failure, this habit will give you inner strength, clarity and a basis to do anything you want.

Habit 20

This one will give you a high level of emotional maturity. Having complete control of your emotions and not reacting is a rare and beautiful skill. As your emotions dictate how you feel, this habit will help you create a lovely calmness and balance to your energy.

Habit 21

This one is the key to removing anxiety & stress from your life! Similar to habit 19, this is another tool for mental liberation. When you consistently use both 19 & 22 (I hope you use all 22 btw 😉) very little will ever bother you again. Emotional Freedom 😊!  

Habit 22

This one is about magnifying your self belief. Going through life with a good level of self belief is very desirable. This habit will help you develop that and give you the tools to be able to instantly tap into it, whenever you need it. You'll feel powerful and full of confidence. 


Your very own Aladdin's lamp! This will help you to understand what each of the 22 habits does to your vibration and how you can use it to get anything you want. You'll discover that your main focus at any given time is to feel good/wonderful (we'll show you how, its just an action process that becomes a habit). Could you handle feeling really good all the time 😁???  

 Its all yours (instant access) for only £222.00 

Advanced Plan ~ What You Will Receive:

    22 Habits (11 Essential, 11 Advanced)

    121 Page Guidebook (pdf version)

    24 Instructional Videos

    2 Additional Guidance Videos (Habit 9)

   Habit Action Steps Summary

    Habit Progress Tracker


Simple iPad Air white portrait.jpg

The ball's now in your court!


They say the best time to do anything is 5 years ago (we all have those good intentions where life just got in the way 😊)....


and the second best time is NOW!


If you feel this information will have a significant benefit to your health and well-being, just hit the buy now button and it's all yours to go through at your own leisure. 


Finally...whatever you choose to do, I would like wish you the very best of for health and happiness.


With love & blessings

Stephen Kirkbride



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