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"My sleeps improved, my lifestyles improved and friends and family have all said they notice positive changes in me." Michelle

Here are some testimonials and feedback from customers who have used our core programmes (some took part in our 33 day or 44 day challenge, from our launch trials).

"The Hydration has been a game changer for me. It has given me more energy and more mental clarity." Christian 

"A lot better nights sleep, feel calmer in myself and skin looks a lot better."  Elaine

"I've noticed since starting the challenge that I am sleeping better and I have lost 3lbs" Tracy

 "Despite still at times feeling overwhelmed, I feel more able to adapt and have a new bag of tools to help me 😀" Michelle

"Overall I feel healthier, have slightly more energy (though have been tired some weekends, possibly following 3 days sat at a laptop in a brain-draining job), feel more positive about life and have loved the group chat/support " Elaine 

"The advance steps get you talking to your soul/ heart's desires again, which the world has a habit of distracting us from [ oh! something shiny ] and again  the step's are there to help you work on things." Debbie 

"Just wanted to let you know that I would highly recommend your Vibrant Health Programme to everyone, it's made such a huge difference to not only my health, I've lost 3 inch off waist & 2 inch off my hips. I'm now hydrated & my brain fog has gone totally and am thinking with clarity now." Shirley

"I am laughing more - and looking for the fun in a situation."

"Habit 6 was helped by the other wonderful people in the group, id not laughed for a long time.  My hubby said I was miserable, I understand what he means now."  Geri

"My libido has improved with just accepting that its ok to have an orgasm /sex and enjoy it."

"Im not needing to sleep through the day. I was needing 3/4hrs sleep in the day prior to this challenge. I think ive only slept in the day twice since day 4 so thats amazing, its given me my life back." Geri

My experience of the 44 day challenge was an exceptionally positive one. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to improve their physical health and emotional well-being to follow the advanced programme. Elaine

"Once i began the challenge and tried sticking to doing as many of the habit i could daily , i slowly started to see benefits, i had stopped  having panic attacks, my stress and anxiety levels were less and i was eating better" Jane 

"following the vibrant health programme my blood pressure significantly reduced for the first time despite taking medication for the past 9 years."  

"I hadn't realise how dehydrated I was until I introduced more water into my daily habits. My skin is smoother and has more of a glow to it and I feel more refreshed and can think with more mental clarity throughout the day."  

"I would highly recommend your Vibrant Health Programme to everyone, it's made such a huge difference to not only my health, I've lost 3 inch off waist & 2 inch off my hips. I'm now hydrated & my brain fog has gone totally and am thinking with clarity now.

"These habits will be engrained in my everyday living from now on and I intend to continue this self improvement programme as this is just the start for me to become the best version of myself"  

"My joints don’t hurt as much. I’m more mobile and active. My skin is clearer and my emotional well being more balanced."

"The vibrant health programme teaches you to balance your life and directs you to a wealth of knowledge along with simple but very effective steps to really transform your attitude and habits to a better healthier you." Michelle  

"It's made me aware of old thought patterns & mindsets & given me the tools to change these for the better. I have realised that I was somewhat negative & now I'm much more positive & pivot my thoughts to a better thought & better emotion now. I am more aware of how I feel & am loving myself & my life." Shirley 

"I have shed unwanted weight, unwanted emotional baggage from my past, i feel fitter, feel more positive and certain!" 
"If you are thinking of starting the vibrant health programme I can only say I hope you are prepared for major positive shifts in your body and mind. I have just completed the programme and quite astonished of the amazing overhaul effects I’ve witnessed during the process, in my health and emotional wellbeing." Michelle 

"Also friends have noted a more calmer, relaxed happier me and finding family noticing my healthier body."

I have gained a greater understanding of myself how certain experiences have effected me and in turn my health both emotionally and physically." 

"My mind sets changed for the better. My body is changing shape 😀"

"I don't feel the need to eat unhealthy snacks on a daily basis and gone are the hunger pangs! I sleep better and wake feeling refreshed and have more interest in every day life than before. I feel more peaceful, grateful and self-aware"  

"I feel healthier and simple changes to my diet and lifestyle is having a huge impact on both my physical and mental health and the relationships around me in my new found confidence. Having suffered anxiety almost all my life."  

"I feel so much better in myself, my moods are improved and my IBS has calmed down massively. I would encourage anyone wanting to live better and feel better to do this as a must." Tracy

"On my monthly check up at my local doctors, my blood pressure had significantly lowered and I have shed So far  8lb in weight I also have shed inches from my waist."

"If you’re thinking of buying the vibrant health programme I would highly recommend this program, not only has it changed my eating habits it has also changed several factors that was effecting my life, it has allowed me to lose weight without doing anything too strenuous. I am sleeping better, I am eating better and It has got me in to a healthy routine which has also benefitted my child." Tracy

"I have lost 7lb and swapped from a shake diet to eating regular meals. My gut health has vastly improved and I was able to go on a 10 mile walk without being in pain the next day."  Debbie 

"This as given me new found confidence. I have found myself feeling more upbeat , energised and that my general health has improved." 

"A worthwhile a valuable experience, the information was excellent and very encouraging, I will definitely continue with as many of the good habits, feel better in general, good weight loss (over half a stone)" Linda 

"If you are thinking of joining the vibrant health programme then don't hesitate.  The habits are really do-able, and have made a difference to my health and how I feel.  My advice would be to embrace it, try everything, and feel better in yourself." Mandy

"I've loved the health kick challenge, I've lost 2 stone" Caroline

"The health benefits of the essential habits is better condition of my hair, my skin , my attention span, quality of thoughts and less ups and downs emotionally. This is a huge thing for me because I have always suffered some form of depression.  I also lost two inches on my waist." Michelle 

"If you're thinking of buying the vibrant health programme, ask yourself this do you want a happier and healthier and more vibrant you? Of course you do as I did. I have completed the program and this is the wonderful changes you will experience and more. Get ready for a healthier, happy, vibrant you."  Christian

"The hard part is admitting to yourself that you have been abusing or neglecting your own body, this course is a brilliant  way of  altering that and gives you easy steps to work with your body again." Debbie

"The most positive benefit for me was increased sleep which I initially struggled with despite my normal daily walking and meditation practice. I eventually starting to follow the Steven and David’s advice around habit five. Adequate sleep has a positive domino effect in other areas." Elaine

"I feel like the challenge came to me as a way of helping me out of the rut i had got myself into" Jane

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