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2 Energetic Grandads Looking to Make the World a Healthier & Happier Place, One Beautiful Soul at a Time 😊!

Meet: Stephen Kirkbride (as told by David)

Born and raised in Doncaster in the UK, Stephen became a plasterer after leaving school and spent the next 30+ years working on building sites around Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Germany, plus hundreds of domestic properties in and around Doncaster.

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He liked a drink or 12 (not a typo) during his construction days (that's what they did to unwind!) along with the odd bare knuckle fight back in the day, as he was gifted in that department too 😊.

Stephen left full time plastering around 2008 to become a full-time foster carer, however he still keeps his hand in, helping out family members in the building and plastering trades.

A dad of 3 and grandad of 7, he's very much a family man and loves living in a sometimes chaotic multi-generational household in his beloved Doncaster (centre of the universe according to Stephen!).

Like Myself, Stephen is also a natural optimist and devours books, courses and online videos in a quest of continual learning and self-development.

He became very spiritual (and spiritually gifted) after a very sudden awakening in late 2013 which changed Stephen's whole perspective on life, sending him on a completely different trajectory (some of his family just think he's weird with all his 'woo woo' stuff 😊). Gone are the days of the big drinking, partying plasterer, now its just on the odd special occasion. You can watch an interview about Stephen's awakening here, I would put the kettle on first though and get comfortable 😉.

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He loves talking and imparting his knowledge to help and inspire others, whether its numerology, health & wellness, feng shui, plastering or pretty much any subject under the sun!

Hobbies: Getting away to his caravan in the country to relax and read. Talking about anything to anyone. Having a cup of tea or coffee and a chat. Reading, Learning. He's not too fussed about holidays as everyday feels like a holiday to him 😊.

Meet: David Orrey (as told by Stephen)

From Lincoln in the UK, after leaving school, David spent the first 12 years of his working life in the RAF as an aircraft technician. He also took the opportunity to play lots of sport and do many outdoor activities and expeditions (he still can't believe he got paid and got the time off to effectively do his hobbies 😊).


After leaving the military, David moved into financial services where he spent the next 19 years in different financial advisory roles as a self employed consultant and financial practice manager (that's where he met Asha the 'financial guru cocker spaniel').

Now on his third career as a gardener and landscaper (loves it – best job in the world for general health & wellbeing according to David) which he juggles with health & wellness mentoring.

A proud dad of 1 and grandad of 2, David is now in his early fifties (some say middle aged, but he thinks the vast majority of his life is still ahead of him)! He's a life path 4 in numerology, hence the picture.

A natural optimist by nature with a long term love of self-development which he's been fascinated with for over 30 years after buying his first book in April 1992 (The Midas Method ~ Stuart Goldsmith). 

Like me, David loves helping and inspiring others which he got to do quite a lot in financial services and now does it mainly through health & wellness. 

Hobbies: David has always played a lot of sport, particularly football and cricket, now only playing cricket remains due to an old knee injury. Likes to watch a bit of football and cricket in moderation.

Love dogs, nature and the outdoors, a bit of hill walking (Lake District is his favourite), coffee shops and reading. 

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David's always happy, especially  when he's got a lovely bird on his arm! 

Our journey to this point…

We first met in June 2016 (old souls, reconnecting) and due to Stephen’s obsession with numbers and their meanings, we started doing numerology readings as a double act later that year. David works out all their numbers whilst Stephen does the readings. You can see the numerology website here

We do dozens of shows each year all over the UK, going as far as South Wales in our travels. With a lot of knowledge between us (more in a minute) we naturally started to morph into life coaching and mentoring, whilst doing numerology readings.


Although the vast majority of customers at the numerology table were looking for answers and meaning about their lives through numerology and spiritual knowledge, we noticed many other areas of peoples lives were being neglected, especially health.

Wanting to help people grow and thrive in all aspects of their life (in addition to spiritual & numerology guidance), we embarked on continual learning journey around all aspects of health in the summer of 2019. The objective was to offer clients a solid foundation to nurture all the key aspects (we base it on 8 specific areas) of their health and wellbeing.

Hence, that’s where the vibrant health programmes were born, each one a holistic set of simple habits designed to nourish the natural biological and spiritual essence.

8 Health Buckets.png

Our Vision

To help raise the collective vibration of humanity by educating and inspiring many beautiful souls to nurture their health & wellbeing, enhance their lives and feel more joyful through the implementation of simple powerful habits that nourish the mind, body & soul.

Our Ethos

Any future information, tip or practise we discover which enhances your health and wellbeing in some way, we'll tell you by putting it on the various platforms (btw… as we’re addicted to learning & self- development it will keep on coming 😉). We'll always disclose and credit the source of the information where applicable.

P.S. Although we have a genuine desire to help people, we also like to stay very grounded and not take life too seriously (as we're not getting out alive and it's meant to be joyful 😊).

Philanthropic Approach 
As we wish to help as many beautiful souls as possible regardless of circumstances, we have chosen to offer all our health programmes on a philanthropic basis and give unconditional access with the option to donate whatever recipients wish to give

Donations will enable us to utilise more resources and expand our services over time, as our intention is to provide a continual supply of beneficial health & wellbeing information and services. We also plan to recruit a small team (of like-minded souls) to help us do it all.

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General Skills & Life Experience (as of 2024)

With us having created multiple life/health enhancing programmes (see Academy) and offering mentoring and life coaching, here's a snapshot of our general life experience and skill sets to add some substance and give you a further insight.


Let's just say we've been around a bit (in the nicest possible way 😊), spent quite a bit of time learning at the university of life and picked up a fair bit of wisdom (often the hard way) on our journey so far. 

✔ 60 years combined experience of running businesses/self-employment

✔ 43 years of combined personal development study

✔ 35 years of combined personal consulting experience

✔ 16 years of combined life coaching, numerology & spiritual consulting 


​✔ 19 years of financial services advice (David) 

✔ 15 years of foster caring (Stephen)

✔ 12 years of military service (David)

✔ 9 years of energy healing experience (Stephen)

✔ Both highly spiritual 

✔ Both use and embody all 22 of the advanced habits

✔ Both proud Grandads to 9 grandkids combined (although neither look old enough 😉)

✔ Extensive library of books (both addicted to self-improvement & learning)

    🙏 Plus and this is very valuable, we also have a team of spirit guides that help us in the background. They have helped a great deal in putting everything connected to vibrant health together (don't worry if you are non-spiritual or think it’s ‘mumbo-jumbo’, you'll still get the benefit of these very helpful spiritual beings anyway 😊).


Christmas day 2022

with the grandkids.




If our content and programmes resonate with you and you feel others may benefit from the information, please consider sharing it with them.

Finally, thank you for reading all about us and our intentions, if our paths cross, we look forward to meeting you 😊.


With sincere love & blessings,


Stephen & David xx

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