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 UK only... limited places 

Are You Looking for Personal Coaching to Help Transform Your Health & Build the Foundations for the Life You Desire? 

We'll bring all the tools, knowledge, advice and guidance to you!

If you just want to go for it 'all in' and completely transform your health and build a life that inspires you, personal coaching could be just the ticket you need, to help you make it all happen! 

Our coaching programme is actually 2-on-1 coaching as you get the knowledge and wisdom of us both (Stephen & David) as we'll personally work with you.


Here's an overview to see if it suits....

All the face to face coaching is done in your own home to help you create the ideal set-up, build the foundations and develop all the associated habits in the familiarity of your everyday environment.


We split the coaching into 2 key area's as follows;


1. Health & Wellbeing Coaching

With all the vibrant health programmes at your disposal, we'll advise and guide you on the essential and advanced habits to help you integrate everything that will benefit you moving forward.


This will establish solid foundations to incrementally transform your health, vitality & wellbeing and help you to feel more energised and motivated. 

We'll also include any healing's as appropriate, as we have a lot of knowledge, methods and skills at our disposal.

2. Your Life Aspirations (Life-Coaching)

We'll simultaneously help you build the foundations towards a life and future that really inspires you, what your heart really longs to do!


This is about building your inner game first (clarity on values, authenticity, self esteem, confidence, emotional freedom) and then about creating a strategy to move you in the direction that you desire.

Your job is to know what you want, our job is to fully understand this by asking you lot of questions. Once established, we help you create the mindset, right environment and a plan to help you incrementally turn this into your reality.

 Adapting Your Environment


We'll help you tailor your home environment accordingly to make it as conducive as possible, to help you implement all the new habits.


This will include things such as restructuring your food cupboards, shopping lists, sleeping arrangements and general environment.


The whole purpose is to make the key habits (that enhance your health and desires) as easy and natural to do as possible, this is known as Engineering Your Environment for Success (EYES).

Adapting Your Life

We're going to ask you a whole series of questions to understand who you are, what makes you tick and what you truly want out of life.

We'll take this to a whole new level... we'll open up the real authentic you and what you are capable of. We guarantee that you currently underestimate yourself (you'll enjoy the process 😊)!

Once we have a clear picture, we'll then create a plan with you to start implementing the strategies and aligning you towards the life you aspire to.

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So, What Do We Bring The Table? 

First and foremost, we obviously have all the vibrant health programmes (that you can see in the academy) to help you implement everything as required. 


These are the culmination of thousands of hours research, condensed into programmes using simple habit forming actions to incrementally transform your health, wellbeing, finances and life in general.


On top of this we also bring a multitude of life skills and experience as follows;

Our Combined Skills & Experience (as of 2023)

59 years of combined business/self employment experience

41 years of combined personal development study

33 years of combined personal consulting experience

 14 years of combined numerology consulting 

19 years of financial services advice (David) 

14 years of foster caring (Stephen)

✔ 12 years of military service (David)

  9 years of energy healing & therapy experience (Stephen)

Both highly spiritual 

Both use and embody all 22 of the advanced habits

Both proud Grandads to 9 grandkids combined(although don't look old enough 😉)

Extensive library of books (both addicted to self-improvement & learning)

    🙏 Plus we also have a team of spirit guides working in the  background helping us to help you (don't worry if you are non-spiritual, you'll still get the benefit of these very helpful beings 😊).

Our Coaching Programmes (UK only)


We offer 2 programme options;


1. The Kick-Starter programme.

This is designed if you want initial help and guidance to kick start a new regime with maximum impact in a short space of time.

It is based on 2 separate 6-hours sessions working with you, the first day is in your environment. The 2 days are approximately 60 days apart.


Day 1 is fully understanding where you are currently in all aspects of your health and life in general and (more importantly) where you desire to be moving forward.


We help you set up your environment, help you create the right mindset and develop a plan to help you kick start this new routine for maximum impact.


Day 2 is evaluating the previous 60 days, re-evaluating your goals and desires, making any adjustments required and then agreeing your plan moving forward.


In between day 1 and day 2 you have unlimited personal access to us both via messaging along with multiple scheduled coaching calls.


The reason for 60 days in between days 1 & 2 is that if you do the key habits for 60 days (knowing you're going to be accountable to us 😉) they'll be well and truly ingrained.

2. The Life-Changer programme.

This is our main coaching programme for 1-year that gives you huge potential to make significant changes to your health & wellbeing and towards the life you desire.


This one allows plenty of time to adopt and implement all the key habits and strategies along with the foundations for what you aspire to.


It includes 5 individual 6-hour sessions working face-to-face with you over 12 months, the first session is in your home environment. Plus unlimited messaging access and multiple scheduled coaching calls.

Limited Availability

We are limited to the number of coaching clients we can work with at any one time as it needs to fit in with both our schedules. 

Although all our online programmes are donation only, we do charge for coaching programmes to cover our time and travelling expenses.

We also limit it to UK only with travelling as its a condition that we do the face-to-face coaching in your environment for your maximum benefit. 

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Would You Like More Details?

If you would you like to consider our coaching programme further, the next step is to simply complete the request form below and we'll send you the full coaching programme details, along with availability.

From there it is entirely up to you, there's no obligation on your part. If you would like to be coached by us, simply let us know and we'll then contact you and take it from there.

Coaching Programme ~ Further Details Request

Thank you for submitting your details, the coaching programme full details will be sent to you shortly.

Finally, if you feel our coaching programme is right for you, we look forward to hearing from you.


With love & blessings

Stephen & David

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