VIP Coaching... (UK only) 

Are You Looking for Personal Tuition to Help You Transform Your Health & Systematically Build the Life You Truly Desire

We'll bring all the tools, knowledge, advice and guidance to you!

If you're really serious about completely transforming your health and building a life that inspires you, personal coaching could be for you? 

It's actually, two-on-one coaching (i.e. myself & David working personally with you) in your own environment, to help you build the foundations and develop all the habits you need.

We Focus On 2 Key Elements


i) Your Health & Well-being

First of all, we'll help you implement the 22 habits (from the advanced plan) step-by-step. This will start the transformation of your health, vitality & well-being and get you feeling energised and inspired. 

This also includes any healing's as appropriate, as we have a lot of knowledge, methods and skills at our disposal.

ii) Your Life Aspirations

We'll help you build the foundations towards a life and future that really inspires you.


This is about building your inner game first (clarity on values, self esteem, confidence, emotional balance) and then about creating a strategy to move you in the direction that you desire.

I'll explain a bit more on the following video; 


 Adapting Your Environment


We'll tailor your home environment accordingly to make it as conducive as possible, to help you implement all the new habits.


This will include things such as restructuring your food cupboards, shopping lists, sleeping arrangements and general environment.


The whole purpose is to make the key habits as easy and natural as possible, so you do them.


We'll also give you some useful tools (we're nice like that 😉).   

Adapting Your Life

We're going to ask you a whole series of questions to understand who you are, what makes you tick and what you truly want out of life.

We'll take this to a whole new level... we'll open up the real you and what you are capable of. We guarantee that you currently underestimate yourself (you'll enjoy the process 😊)!

Once we have a clear picture, we'll create a plan with you to start implementing the strategies and aligning you towards the life you aspire to.

Video: Here's David giving you a little taster of how we do it;  



IMG_7894 copy.jpg

What Do We Bring The Table? 

First and foremost, the whole coaching programme is based around our Vibrant Health Advanced Plan.


This is the culmination of thousands of hours research, condensed into 22 habits to transform physical, emotional and mental health & well-being.


On top of this we also bring a multitude of life skills and experiences as follows;

Our Combined Skills & Experience

57 years of combined business/self employment experience

35 years of combined personal development study

25 years of combined personal consulting experience

8 years of combined numerology consulting 

19 years of financial services advice (David) 

12 years of military service (David)

12 years of foster caring (Stephen)

7 years of energy healing & therapy experience (Stephen)

Both highly spiritual 

Both use and embody all 22 of the advanced habits

Both proud Grandads (although don't look old enough 😉)

    🙏 Plus we also have a team of spirit guides that help us in the      background (don't worry if you are non-spiritual, you'll still get 

    the benefit of these very helpful beings anyway 😊).

Coaching Plans (UK only)


We offer 2 options;

                                 i) The 1 Year Coaching Plan

                                 ii) The Fast Track (66 days) Coaching Plan                                               

The 1 Year Plan

This is the main coaching plan that gives you plenty of time to adopt and implement all the habits and strategies you require. It also allows plenty of time for us to regularly re-evaluate how you are doing and make any necessary tweaks and changes as required. 

Places are limited to 11 clients at any one time, as there are only so many days we can dedicate to coaching each month.

The Fast Track (66 days) Plan

This is designed for those who just want the initial help and guidance to make the maximum impact in the shortest time.

The reason it is 66 days is because that is what the latest research says is the time span it takes, to fully embed a new habit. It is the same coaching program as the 1 year plan, condensed into 66 days.

We can only take on 5 new clients each month due to time constraints.

Here's what you get;


Coaching Plan Packages

 🔹 The Complete Vibrant Health Advanced Plan (Value £88.00)

🔹 A Set of Personal Numerology Profiles (value £49.85)

🔹 Specific Health Tools & Books (value £195.00)

🔹 [Optional] Energy Healing Session (value £110.00)  

🔹 Initial Orientation Meeting at Your House.

🔹 30 Day Follow Up Meeting at Your House.

🔹 Final 66 day Meeting at Your House (Fast Track only).

🔹 3 Quarterly Meetings at Your House.

🔹 Final 12 Month Meeting at Your House.

🔹 2 Week & 6 Week Video Coaching Call (Fast Track only).

🔹 Monthly Video Coaching Call (in the months we don't meet).

🔹 Unlimited Advice, Questions & Guidance (via Whatsapp) 

Your Investment:




​       ✔























​       ✔
















Key notes;

i) It is restricted to UK only.

ii) We will provide a discount for 2 people (e.g. couple, close friends) who wish to be coached together at one location.

iii) There are payment plans available, the 1 year plan can be paid monthly and the 66 day plan spread over 3 payments.

iv) If you live more than 77 miles from Doncaster, S Yorks, there will be an additional mileage cost (will be disclosed in advance) for each visit we make to your home.

v) If you live more than 155 miles from Doncaster, there may also be overnight costs, this will be discussed prior to enrolling on either plan, so you are fully aware in advance. 

vi) If we are fully subscribed and you wish to join one of the plans, we'll put you on a waiting list.

vii) If you've already purchased either of the Vibrant Health Essential or Advanced Plans, the cost will be offset against the coaching plan fee.

1 Year Plan

66 Day Plan



The ball's now in your court!

So, is personal coaching the right option for you?


If you feel that either coaching plan would be beneficial and will make a significant difference to your health, well-being and life in general, please get in touch.


As we need to control the coaching plans, we provide an application form to act as a 'declaration of interest' (see below). This is for you to initially let us know that you would like to join one of the coaching plans. We'll then contact you and take it from there.

Due to current lockdown restrictions, we aren't actively coaching at the moment but invite you to still submit an application ready for when we resume after lockdown.

Application form (to declare your initial interest)


Simply complete the application form below and submit and we'll be in touch with you to arrange a call to discuss it further;




Coaching Plan Application Form
Coaching plan preference

Thanks for submitting, one of the team will be in touch with you shortly!

Finally...if you feel our coaching plan is right for you, I sincerely look forward to getting to know and working with you.


Warmest regards

Stephen Kirkbride

Vibrant iHealth 

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life!