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 Guided 24 Hour Fasts With Stephen  

 Thursday 14th Mar & Thursday 18th Apr 

Do You Fancy Participating In a Group Fast for 24 Hours?

Stephen is doing 2 more guided 24-hourgroup fasts that you can participate in.


He'll do regular live updates on our Facebook page and we'll also  create a WhatsApp group too, for individual questions, guidance and encouragement. Stephen gives you a brief overview on the following video...  

IMG_7920 copy.jpg

If You'd Like To Participate In The Next Event on Thursday 14th March (from around 5pm)...

Please complete the boxes below and hit register to confirm your place.


We'll acknowledge receipt and then add you to the WhatsApp group by the 13th March. N.b. we'll go through the same process for each of the events so you can choose to (or not) participate in subsequent fasts.

Guided 24 Hour Fast Registration - 14th Mar

Thanks for registering. We'll be in touch shortly!

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