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Recommended Natural Supplements (with links to more info)

Mineral Tissue Salts ~ these support the general health and optimal function of the body by regulating muscular and cellular function, blood pressure, digestion, detoxification, nutrient absorption, and fluid balance.


Himalayan Rock Salt ~ Excellent for electrolyte balance and supports general health and functioning of the body. It is known to be the cleanest in the world – also has healthful and therapeutic properties that made it beneficial for use in bath soaks and body scrubs, to name a few applications.


Organic Inulin ~ A high fibre pre-biotic made from Jerusalem Artichoke. Great for digestive health, I personally add it to smoothies.


Chia Seeds ~ A wonderful super food, here’s why; those little seeds have everything from nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants to omega 3 fats, fibre and carbohydrates. Pretty much everything you need in each seed 😊.


Ground Almonds ~ Full of nutrients, antioxidants and Vitamin E, another food with a multitude of health benefits.


Apple Cider Vinegar ~ Has a very good alkalising effect on the body and a multitude of health properties from antioxidant effects and anti-bacterial properties. May also help lower blood sugar levels and aid weight loss.


Flax Seed ~ Another super food full of nutrients, protein, fibre and omega 3 fats with a multitude of health properties.


Coconut Oil (cold pressed) ~ A super-duper food, this one has numerous health properties and uses like protecting and moisturising your skin, a great cooking oil, toothpaste alternative, great for healing cuts…. the list just goes on, it has multiple health benefits when ingested and also multiple benefits externally. It is now common on every supermarket shelf 😊.


Vitamin C ~ If you are feeling run down or have cold or flu like symptoms, this powerful antioxidant will help boost your immune system. Multiple health benefits.

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