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Did you know, you are literally wired to feel joyful 😊

And... this is your default setting (you were born this way) according to neuroscience!


Only in recent decades did the neuroscientists discover that our body's are absolutely loaded with pleasure receptors that release feel good chemicals (hormones) when activated.


Our brain is basically a ‘bag of hormones’

pre-disposed to making us feel joyful

with a zest for life!


So now you know why everybody is always so happy, right 😉!


Wait, what?!?!


I’m kidding, of course 😊.


Let’s be absolutely frank about this, something seems to definitely be amiss here, as very few people appear to be joyful all/most the time.


Do you agree?


Well actually, if you look around, you may notice these people are  everywhere around us, showing and teaching us how it’s done.


They are known as young children 😊.

Just watch a group of young children anytime they able to just be themselves (e.g. not constrained in a car or classroom etc), they are full of zest and enthusiasm for life.


If they fall over and hurt themselves or don’t get their way, there’ll be a few tears for a minute or two perhaps, but then its soon forgotten and back to joy and fun!


Of course, we were all born this way, having carefree fun and living in the moment. Do you remember those days?


So, what changed?


You could say puberty, responsibility or the stresses & strains of modern life, take your pick!!!


Of course, we still have plenty of joyful moments and good days, but they tend to be somewhat fleeting and not a permanent or semi-permanent state.


However, despite all this, the GOOD news is …


We are still wired to be joyful, we’ve just

got out of the habit due to the

rigours of everyday life!


Here’s the problem!


The modern world has systematically conditioned us to feel mediocre a lot of the time with odd bouts of joyfulness (often at weekends or on holidays 😉).


As with your physical health, how you generally feel is 100% your responsibility, that's the bottom line. 

If you wait for the world around you to make you happy, it could be a long wait as feeling really good, feeling happy, feeling fulfilled or however else you long to feel, are all an inside job.

In other words, IT'S ALWAYS UP TO YOU!


Instead of waiting for the world around to make you to make you feel good, if its up to you, how about just choosing to feel really good, regardless of circumstances!


So, would you like to know how to recreate feeling good as a default setting?


Yes? Here’s the answer…


Repeatedly do (all day) simple actions that

make you feel really good!


It’s ultimately that simple, this releases all those feel good hormones just waiting to be activated in your body.


The feel good hormones are, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins.


Think DOSE! Or regular daily DOSE’s!


So, if you repeatedly activate these hormones all day by doing simple pleasurable actions, it will start to recondition your body/mind to feel good.


Do this long enough and it will become a default setting.


You’re basically training your body/mind to feel good as a default setting, through the power of habit!


In a nutshell…


Use consistent pleasurable actions to get

your continual DOSE and feel fantastic.


You can buy short term happiness (new car, nice treat, holiday etc) but a consistent feel good state as a default setting, comes from inside you and is up to you!


When you think about it, you actually have total control of your happiness and how you generally feel (alternatively, you can make excuses 😉).


When you generally feel good every day, you have a spring in your step and your life flows much easier.


Who wouldn’t want this?


So, one simple feel good action repeated until it becomes a fixed (and pleasurable) habit, is the key to enhancing your mental and emotional health in a short space of time!


When you feel better emotionally, your vibrate at a higher level and attract better circumstances, this is quantum physics (more commonly know as the ‘law of attraction’).


Change your habits (to enhance your mental & emotional wellbeing) and you incrementally change your life for the better 😊!


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