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 Advanced Habits Programme... 

Complete Nourishment for Your Mind, Body & Soul Using 22 Powerful Habits.


We must warn you though, there is an unavoidable side effect if you consistently practise most/all these habits... you'll start to feel wonderful 😊!

Its ultimately a (natural) feel good programme as that is what its designed to do, change existing habits into health nourishing habits that make your body and mind feel very good!


Plus… you get emotional mastery and the law of attraction thrown in for good measure (as they’re all intertwined) 😊

So, here's the deal...


The advanced plan is a holistic programme of 22 powerful habits designed to help you flourish in all 8 key areas of your health & wellbeing.

Here's a visual of the 8 key areas (taken from one of our teaching models, that we use in all the programmes). 



8 Health Buckets.png

Consistently nurturing these 8 key areas of your health & wellbeing is a solid foundation for a genuinely happy, healthy & fulfilled life.

Here's what advanced programme offers...


The 11 essential habits from the essential programme which are designed to nourish your physical health & wellbeing. Click here for a snapshot of the 11 habits.



The 11 advanced habits which are designed predominantly to nourish your mental/emotional health & wellbeing.  

The advanced habits (12 - 22) are designed as a progressive sequence…

The first advanced habit (12) gets you in the right mindset to set the foundations, take stock and puts you firmly in the driving seat.


The next two (13 & 14) are huge, they help you clear out all the crud (the mental baggage…) that weighs you down. This is about liberation so there might be a tear or two (good tears though!).


Then (15) we evaluate your current life to see if you are living a fulfilled life in line with your true self and highest values (your heart knows). You then start tweaking as necessary to make sure you’re on the right track.


After that (16) we start enhancing your self-esteem & confidence.


Then we move up the gears (17, 18 & 19), into the feel good zone 😊 where you’re going to rewire your mind and body to feel wonderful and programme yourself for success.


Finally (20, 21 & 22), we’ll add in some important extra’s so you become deeply connected to the world around you and feel abundant.


Your objective is to understand the importance and benefit of each habit and then through repetition of the recommended simple actions, turn each one into a fixed lifetime habit!

When you take care of your inner world, it will automatically be reflected in your outer world (you’ll glow 😊).

OK, let's put some more 'meat on the bone' ...

Let's now get a a little more specific on each individual advanced habit, so you can see how they enhance multiple aspects of your health, wellbeing and happiness.

Advanced Habits Snapshot...


Habit 12 ~ will help you step into your true power! 

This will help you to build a solid core of mental strength with integrity. It will change the way you go through the world and people around you will notice! It is the primary foundation block to creating a life of purpose, fulfilment, and joy 😊.


Habit 13 ~ is the key to mental liberation😊

Arguably the most important advanced habit, this will help you clear all that mental and emotional baggage that may hold you back. This is the cornerstone of emotional and mental wellbeing to help you set the mental foundation to pursue the life you wish. 


Habit 14 ~ gives you the tools for emotional freedom. 

This will help you to remove any anxiety & stress from your life within seconds! These very simple, yet powerful tools (you’ll master them in minutes), will help you remain calm, relaxed and in control, no matter what life throws at you 😊! Part of your mental toolbox!


Habit 15 ~ will nurture your authenticity (your true purpose).

Answering with your heart and soul, this will help you discover (or reconfirm) your true authentic self and your highest values. When you structure your life around them (being true to yourself) you'll ignite an inner power of more purpose, fulfilment and joy 😊


Habit 16 ~ will magnify your self-belief and self-worth. 

Going through life with a good level of self belief & confidence will  open more doors for you. This habit will help you develop it and give you the tools to be able to instantly tap into it, when you need it. You can even borrow somebody else's confidence 😊! 


Habit 17 ~ will make you feel fantastic and very upbeat!

This is the very foundation of feeling happy, positive and full of zest for life (a state where life flows much easier 😊). These simple actions will fill you with endorphins and positively rewire your brain over time, to consistently (with practise) make you feel very good


Habit 18 ~ is a natural pair of rose-tinted spectacles for you 😊. Building on habit 17, this will also help to rewire your brain to expect and attract the very best (its the 'law of attraction' at work for you). Your energy levels and vibration will significantly increase, and you’ll see the world very differently (in a very positive way). 


Habit 19 ~ will help you attract what you truly desire 😊!

Building on 17 & 18, this one will not only rewire your brain but also your body to automatically attract what you really want. The natural side effect is feeling wonderful and that's the secret to attracting what you desire. Study this as though your life depended on it!


Habit 20 ~ will ignite your soul & instantly raise your vibration.

This simple practise of deeply connecting and acknowledging the world around you, will automatically raise your vibration, make you feel good and as a consequence, open the door to a constant supply of positive experiences coming into your life 😊.


Habit 21 ~ will nourish your heart’s desire to connect 😊.

As social creatures we all have a deep psychological need to feel connected and wanted as human beings, as it is fundamental to our development and emotional/mental wellbeing. This will help you nurture and feel those deep connections you instinctively desire.


Habit 22 ~ will help you feel and attract more abundance!

Abundance comes in many forms, whether it is financial or intangible riches, these exercises will naturally help you feel more abundant and subsequently attract more into your life by raising your vibration in tune with your desires (if only they'd taught us this in school 😊!).  

Can you just imagine feeling all those benefits?

Assuming you read all the habit description snapshots above (I hope you did!), you can see how we sometimes refer to it as the 'feel good' programme, rather than the advanced programme.


Its actually a 'law of attraction' programme too, the first 5 advanced habits set the foundations for the following 6 habits to make your feel wonderful whilst focusing on what outcomes you desire.

You see, mentally focusing on what you want whilst feeling very good automatically puts you in vibrational alignment with it and starts drawing it towards you.


This is why our programmes also use the following model that we refer to as the 'emotional frequency chart'... 

emotional frequency chart.jpg

Notice the list of emotions on the left of the chart.


As we're all emotional beings and our emotions at any given moment evoke a corresponding vibration, we use the above chart as a visual reminder to find a good emotion/vibration as much as we possibly can.

This is actually quantum mechanics, but let's keep it simple!

Everything you desire is connected to a high vibrational emotion (feeling) such as love or joy. Hence, why we've designed the programme to first clear out any mental 'crud' and then get you to feel as good as possible, so you vibrate as high as possible.

Ultimately, all you have to do is pay attention to how you're feeling and make sure it is a good/high feeling vibration. 

Don't worry we go through in fine detail within the programme 😊.

Implementing these habits for your long term benefit  


The recommended way is to gradually weave the habits into your daily routine over a few weeks/months.


We strongly recommend you go through them in chronological order as its very important you go though 12 - 16 to set the foundations.


Once you get into the feel good habits 17 - 22, the advice is practise, practise, practise.

We've mentioned it also could be called a 'feel good' programme or a 'law of attraction' programme, however an 'emotional mastery' programme when you master these habits!


Food for thought! 

It’s very important you take your time implementing this programme, it doesn’t really matter how long it takes with the huge potential benefits at stake.


Just think about this…


Once you’ve adapted most/all these habits into your routine and got them working just right for you, you then have them all (along with the wonderful health & wellbeing benefits and whatever else you attract) for the rest of your life 😊.


Adopting this programme (as with all our health related programmes) is ultimately about long term self-care, you’re investing in your health & wellbeing, through well researched information, turned into body & mind nourishing habits.

To do this, we invested hundreds & hundreds of hours into researching and studying books and courses (but please don't feel sorry for us though, as we loved every minute 😉) to create all our health programmes.


We've then condensed them all into sets of health and wellbeing nourishing habits based on simple everyday actions to make it as easy as we could for you to implement. 


So, let’s talk value…


Just imagine if you implement most/all of these habits and significantly enhance all aspects of your health & wellbeing, what is the potential value of this information worth to you over your lifetime?


£1,000k, £5,000k, £10,000, £20,000? Only you can answer that!


We place a decent value on it (as you'll see below) and we sincerely value everybody who genuinely wants to take action and improve their health (not everyone is prepared to take action!).


As with all our programmes, we wish to make them accessible to everyone, regardless of circumstances, therefore, if you would like this programme, you have the option to donate (now or later) if you wish as we operate purely on the generosity of donations.


Before we put it in your hands, if you would like to see how others have benefitted from this programme click here. Right, here's what you get….

The Advanced Habits Programme

    179 Page Guidebook (pdf version)

    26 Instructional Videos

    Additional Guidance Videos (Habit 9)

    Habit Action Steps Summary

    Habit Progress Tracker

  ✔  Direct Access To Us (via Platforms)

As all our programmes are offered on a philanthropic basis, there's no cost, you can make a donation if you wish. 
Advanced Programme cover shot.png

If you would like it, please help yourself,
it's just one-click away...

They say you can't put a price on your health!


We say "What does your wealth look like without your health?" to get people to focus on the importance of health and how it affects everything else in their life.


Thought provoking! 

The ball's now in your court!


The Advanced Habits Programme is just one-click away for immediate full access...

Finally, we'd liked to thank you for taking the time to look at and consider the advanced habits programme, we would like to wish you the very best of future health and happiness.


With love & blessings,

Stephen & David

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