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 Advanced Habits Programme Index 

Welcome to the advanced habits programme. Thank You for taking the time to consider this powerful information.

Please bookmark this page as this is your gateway and index to all the Vibrant Health Advanced Programme information and resources. We recommend adopting all the habits for maximum benefit, but you may wish to 'cherry pick' the ones that resonates the most, so please help yourself to whatever works for you.


We sincerely hope you get lots of value and adopt many of the habits to significantly enhance your health, wellbeing and happiness.

Warmest wishes

Stephen & David

 Programme Contents 

Advanced Plan Guidebook (pdf)


Just click this link for immediate access to the 179 page guidebook which has everything you need

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1. To just access the full set (all 22 habits) of recommended action steps and progress tracker only, click here.

2. To just access just the 3 programme base model images & explanations, click here

3. To just access the visual aids, wisdom and values exercise (habit 15), click here

The programme is built on 3 base models, this video link above takes you through the base model 1 & 2. 

22 Individual Habit Videos/Resources

Just click the habit title links below to access the individual habit pages for each of the 22 habits. Within each page, you'll find an individual habit video and associated links to recommended books/websites & useful resources.

Habit 1 ~ Optimal Hydration 

“All the habits will boost your health and vitality in a very positive way, However, this one is the most important, hence why its number 1."  

Habit 2 ~ Earthing 

“Tesla proved over a hundred years ago that the earth holds an unlimited supply of natural energy, here’s how to tap into it to boost your health and vitality." 

Habit 3 ~ Intermittent Fasting 

A little discipline with regards to your daily eating window (time between your first and last meal), will produce a fantastic set of health benefits." 

Habit 4 ~ Deep Breathing 

“You can go 3 weeks without food, you can go 3 days without water but if you go 3 minutes without breathing, you’re in TROUBLE!" 

Habit 5 ~ Quality Sleep 

“You spend around 30% of your life asleep to recharge your body and the quality of your sleep has a profound effect on how you go through life!" 

Habit 6 ~ Regular Laughter 

“Laughter is the best medicine!" 

Habit 7 ~ Gut Health Regime 

All disease begins in the gut! - Hippocrates 

Habit 8 ~ Regular (Basic) Exercise

“Walking is the best possible exercise. Exercise equals endorphins. Endorphins make you happy" 

Habit 9 ~ Meditation

You should meditate for 20 minutes every day unless you don’t have time, in which case you should do it for an hour!” - Zen master saying.

Habit 10 ~ Quality Nutrition

“Rule of thumb ~ If you can grow it or kill it, consider it is in tune with your body!" 

Habit 11 ~ Regular Orgasms 

The orgasm is a doorway to the divine, it gives the experiencer a momentary glimpse of self-realisation." 



Advanced Habits Prologue        Start Advanced Here

To get more from the programme, we highly recommend you start with the advanced habits prologue before going through habits 12 - 22.

"When you fully grasp the interactions between the mind, body & spirit and understand how to use them effectively, its like having the rule book to get the best out of life!"  

Habit 12 ~ Taking 100% Responsibility

You are 100% responsible for everything in your life, with NO exceptions whatsoever!" 

Habit 13 ~ Emotional Freedom

“You’re never going to thrive, feel fulfilled and reach your true potential if you’re weighed down by emotional baggage." 

Habit 14 ~ Emotional Release (Tools)

“Some simple, yet game-changing tools to help you release negative emotions and free your mind!" 

Habit 15 ~ Authenticity & Values

It is essential that you live authentically and aligned to your highest values, to live an inspired and fulfilment life!" 

Habit 16 ~ Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence!" 

Habit 17 ~ Feel Good Now

“This is your number one goal at all times!" 

Habit 18 ~ Positive Expectation

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” Oprah Winfrey 

Habit 19 ~ Programming for Success

“As you’re the director and star of the movie of your life, it’s completely up to you what happens!" 

Habit 20 ~ Gratitude & Appreciation

“Profound gratitude and appreciation will make you feel really good and bring a constant supply of positive experiences into your life!" 

Habit 21 ~ Socially Connecting

“We are profoundly social creatures with a deep need to reach out and connect with others to nourish our hearts & souls!

Habit 22 ~ Abundance Mindset

Abundance is not something we acquire, but something we tune into! Wayne Dyer  

Advanced Programme Summary  

Here's a recap of all the benefits you'll get from doing all the 22 habits click here

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