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 Proudly presents... 

 Asha's Money Masterclass

Welcome to Asha's Money Masterclass, this is your Masterclass Index page. Thank You for taking the time to consider this powerful information.

Please bookmark this page as this is your gateway and index to all the Masterclass information and resources (there's lots of it 😊!). Just 'cherry pick' what resonates with you.


I Sincerely hope you get lots of value and adopt many of the financial habits to enhance your personal prosperity and wellbeing.

With love...

Asha xx

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 Masterclass Contents 

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 Asha's Money Masterclass Guidebook (pdf).

Just click here for immediate access to the 198 page masterclass guidebook which has everything you need - 17 bespoke sections split into 7 key areas along with multiple resources.

Just cherry pick what you need!

Masterclass Section Videos/Resources

Just click the section title links below to access the 17 individual section pages. Within each page, you'll find an individual section video and associated links to recommended books/websites & useful resources.

Your Subconscious Financial Blueprint  START HERE

“This is absolutely critical to understand as it will ultimately dictate what you do with the money that flows into and out of your life." 

The 'basic foundations' of money mastery:

Section 1 ~ Understanding the Cashflow Quadrant.

“Unless you plan to work forever, it’s crucial you fully understand this one! .”  

Section 2 ~ The 4 Essential Money Skills.

“These are vital skills that you must master if you want lots of money in your future.” 

'Key concepts' to building wealth (you’ll love these 😊!):

Section 3 ~ Why You Should Focus on Building Pipelines.

“This is one of my favourite concepts, it’s so obvious but very rarely taught!” 

Section 4 ~ How to Plant and Grow Money Trees.

The more you plant, the more money you’ll make, it’s that’s simple!” 

'Powerful principles' to accelerate wealth creation:

Section 5 ~ The Magic Money Multiplier ~ Compounding.

Einstein loved this one and so do I, a bit of financial magic 😊!” 

Section 6 ~ The Power of Leverage.

“This is the fast track to wealth creation, highly recommended!” 

'Taking control' of your current financial affairs:

Section 7 ~ Find Out How You Are Doing with a Financial Health Check.

Think of this one as a financial MOT, common sense if you want to get ahead financially” 

Section 8 ~ The 3 Cornerstones of Intelligent Financial Planning.

“All the intelligent folks do this, make sure you do too, I’ll be checking😉!” 

Section 9 ~ Put Your Finances on Autopilot towards financial freedom.

“If you only acted upon one of my 17 sections, it should be this one, promise me you will!” 

'Practical tips' to enhance your current financial position:

Section 10 ~ Pay your Mortgage Off Early & Save a Fortune in Interest. “The banks make too much profit as it is, here’s how to take some back!” 

Section 11 ~ The Complete House Buyers Guide in 7 steps. 

“Whether it’s your first house or next, here’s some great info to help make it a smooth process!” 

Section 12 ~ The Fastest Way out of Debt and Dealing with Distress. “This will help you take control and get back on the road to recovery!

'Practical tips' to help you create financial independence:

Section 13 ~ How to Build a Significant Property Portfolio.

“They say “you can’t go wrong with bricks & mortar” this one will show you why!” 

Section 14 ~ How to Get 25% Guaranteed Risk Free Investment.

“There’s no catch or gimmick, this is absolutely guaranteed! Make sure you take full advantage.”

'Inspirational tips' to help you & loved ones

create financial independence:

Section 15 ~ How to Nurture Your Kids Towards Financial Success.

This is Priceless info, all kids should be taught and encouraged to do this!”

Section 16 ~ The Magic Formula for retiring early!

If only they had taught us this at school…the world would be very differently 😊

Section 17 ~ Action Plan & Guidance to Help You Put it all Together.

“Here’s everything you need to get started on the road to financial success”

 Masterclass Summary & Resources  

Here's a video summary of all the masterclass benefits along with key resources & recommended reading click here 

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