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 Practical Numerology Course... 

We'll Teach You How To Do Professional Numerology Readings Precisely How We Do Them! 

Whether you just want to have a bit of fun with your family & friends (you'll understand why some of them are a bit weird 😉) or perhaps offer it as a service, its entirely up to you. 


We'll break it all down and walk you through it, step by step, so you can replicate what we've been doing since 2017. 

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'Numbers don't lie' as we say, as the real person's

 traits, strengths, weaknesses, quirks & hidden

talents are revealed/reaffirmed!!!

It's very rewarding as you get to remind people who they are and what they are capable of (sometimes they just need a little reminder whilst trying to navigate their way through life 😊).

We starting doing it professionally as a duo on 4th March 2017 and have done well over 100 events at various Mind, Body & Spirit (MBS) shows up and down the country. In this time, we've done the best part of 1,000 customer readings!


Now we'll teach you how to do exactly what we do if you fancy it 😊! 

Here's a snap of Stephen in action during one of our early shows in April 2017 at York (David is taking the pic)...

York 2017.jpg

Time to put it all online

Over the years, we've had multiple requests from customers asking where they can learn more about numerology?

Occasionally we'll do a workshop or a private lesson but as we know there's a demand for more, we finally found the time to make it all accessible by building an online course 😊.


We've taken the huge amounts of written information we have (numerology charts) and recorded multiple tutorial videos to create a step by step numerology course.

Having successfully done numerology readings for over 6 years, we'll teach you how to replicate exactly what we do, giving you the very same charts and templates we use.

We're going to teach you how to do 7 core elements that we offer with our professional numerology readings.

OK, let's put some 'meat on the bone' as they say...

Numerology readings are essentially about revealing or reaffirming the real person as you decode the underlying information in the customers name and date of birth

Let's get specific...

The 7 elements of a numerology reading we'll teach you...


Element 1 ~ You'll Reveal Their Life Path Number Traits

You'll learn how to work out someone's life path number and tell them all about their core traits and strengths for the path they're on in this lifetime. This is their core essence and the most important number in any numerology reading. 


Element 2 ~ You'll Reveal Their Birthday Number Traits

The birthday number is someone's 2nd most important number and with this you'll be able to reveal all their positive and lets say 'lesser' personality traits (including hidden ones that only surface now and again 😊) and why they act the way the do.    


Element 3 ~ You'll Reveal Their Expression Number Traits

You'll learn how to work out someone's expression number and reveal the traits/energy around their current destiny. Are they in tune with their path/destiny? If not, you'll learn the skills to show them how to alter it, to positively affect their destiny! 


Element 4 ~ You Reveal Their Arrows (Hidden Attributes) 

We'll teach you how to interpret their 'birth chart' so you reveal natural underlying strengths and even potential challenges. This is powerful, often people lose their way and need reminding of what they're actually capable of 😊!  


Element 5 ~ You Reveal If They're In Tune With Nature 

As everything is energy, if we're in tune with the natural elements, life flows better. Combining Numerology and Feng Shui, you'll reveal if they're in tune energetically with the natural elements and offer balancing remedies if required. 


Element 6 ~ You Reveal Their Harmonising Colours/Stones 

As we all have harmonising colours and stones that we're attuned to, which raise our vibration (some colours pull our energy down), you'll be revealing and recommending which ones to add to their everyday environment.


Element 7 ~ You Reveal Their Love & Romance Matches 

This one is a lot if fun! You'll reveal who they are energetically compatible with and not! You'll be able to explain why 'sparks fly' with some people in their life and not others and teach them how to work out who they're naturally compatible with 😊!  

Also Included...


Professional Reading Template (customers love this!)

We'll also give you our 10-page reading template to use. It has a snapshot of the customers 7 elements and corresponding charts.

So after receiving all this powerful & revealing info, you give them a written copy of the reading to take away 😊.


A Full Set Of Charts 

There are a total of 50 easy to navigate charts to help you reveal all the relevant information across the 7 elements.


Bonus's ~ Other Stuff People Love Having Revealed...

The Alphabet ~ We'll give you the 26 charts (one per letter) that reveal the traits of each letter of the alphabet.

Angel Numbers ~ The meaning of repeating numbers (111, 222, 333 etc) this is very popular!

House Number Energy ~ Reveals the energy/meaning of each house number and why some houses feel right and others don't! 

Its all hosted via our website platform... 


We've created an online teaching platform (via the website) to host all our programmes and courses. We've used a combination of tutorial videos and a comprehensive guidebook to walk you through it all step by step, as a series of progressive lessons.

With each element, the first part is learning how to work out the number and then its simply knowing which chart to refer to, to reveal the relevant information. There's an individual lesson in the course for each of the 7 elements.


In isolation, each element is fairly simple, it's just a case of practising it, until you become proficient.    

We've also done a full case study tutorial for you. You can follow David walking you through a full reading for Stephen, so you can see how it is all worked out.

We've also included the completed template for the case study as a reference tool for you (because we're nice like that 😉). 

You'll have your own log in for the platform and can access it whenever you like and go through it at your own pace.

You'll learn the skills & have the tools to impress/have fun

with your family & friends and/or use it as a side-line 

where you get to help people - YOU DECIDE!  

Let's talk value, what is the potential value of this information and associated skills worth to you?

We place a decent value on it as this is several years of honed practical experience and knowledge condensed into an easy to learn course. 

As with all our programmes and courses, we wish to make them accessible to everyone, regardless of circumstances, therefore, if you would like this programme, you have the option to donate (now or later) if you wish, as we operate on the generosity of donations.

If you would like to see a selection of testimonials from customers who we've done numerology readings for click here.

Right, here’s what you get…


Mini Numerologist Course

    42 Page Guidebook (pdf version)

    10 Tutorial Videos

    Full 7 Element Case Study

    Reading Template (All Permutations) 

    50 Individual Charts

  ✔  Multiple Bonus's (30 additional charts)

As all our programmes are offered on a philanthropic basis, there's no cost, you can make a donation if you wish. 
If you would like it, please help yourself,
it's just one click away...
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Finally, we'd liked to thank you for taking the time to look at and consider the mini numerologist course and wish you the very best of future health and happiness.


With love & blessings,

Stephen & David

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