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Here's the stark truth…

The diet & weight loss industry want to keep you coming back for more because it’s good for their profit margin! 

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Are you familiar with the following cycle… weight gain, calorie restriction (diet), weight loss, slowly slip back into bad habits, back to weight gain!


If so, would you like an end to this?


With the right knowledge, you can eradicate this crazy cycle forever and not have to worry about fluctuating weight ever again! 


So, forget diets and calorie restriction, they’re madness as you’ll see shortly!


Imagine having a permanent solution for effective weight management (and weight loss) that allows you to eat plenty, enjoy your food and most importantly, always satisfy your hunger.


You’re thinking too good to be true, right?


You’re actually already equipped to automatically do this, it’s just that nobody has told you in the right way. You only ever get (from the ‘diet industry’) half the solution!


Anyway, here is the key to the solution (very important)…


You need to fully understand how your mind & body interact around food and hunger, then gradually change your habits to work in tune with them both.

Let’s go deeper…


Here’s why diets don’t work…

The real battle ground in weight management takes place in your mind. This is where your pleasure centre is (all to do with your hormones) and this is the part that needs satisfying.


Consider this: Diets are logical, eat less, lose weight. However, your pleasure centre, works on emotions (feelings) and they are definitely not logical!


Hence diets generally only work short term and are usually miserable to do, otherwise they would be easy to maintain long term.


If you don’t keep your mind (emotions) satisfied, it will give you cravings and make you obsess about eating, whilst you’re simultaneously trying to resist the temptation to eat (its a mild form of torture 😉).


It’s the (emotional) cravings that are the real problem, these are mainly caused by consuming certain food groups and in what sequence you eat them, in your daily routine (easy to fix though).


The trick is to keep your stomach full (with

a healthy balanced diet) whilst also

satisfying your pleasure centre.


Once you learn the method of simultaneously keeping your mind satisfied whilst keeping your stomach full, weight management will ultimately become effortless and enjoyable for you.


As you begin to understand how your mind and body interact, all you need to do is adjust your eating routine accordingly, to naturally work in tune with them both for mutual satisfaction.


You don’t ever need to go through the misery of restricting foods (counter-intuitive!) or counting calories ever again 😊.


Instead, you can eat to…


  • Fulfil your physical need (full stomach)

  • Fulfil your emotional need (satisfied pleasure centre)

  • Automatically maintain your optimal weight (natural balance)

As luck would have it 😉, the only way you can fulfil both your physical and emotional needs at the same time is with a varied and healthy balanced diet. This automatically helps you towards maintaining your optimal weight.


Eat too much rubbish or too healthy (salad all day) and you won’t get the mutual satisfaction. Hence a varied plentiful diet is the way.


Can you imagine how good this would feel as a permanent state?


It’s gets better… you’ll be pleased to know that, nothing is off limits; you can still have anything you want in moderation 😊.


When you learn how your body reacts to certain foods, you can eat the really lovely treats (cheesecake for me!) in a way that minimises the effect on your body (all to do with your blood sugar).


So, there are no restrictions, everything is on the table (pun intended 😊)!


Wait! It gets even better still…


You can also ditch the guilt as you are fuelling your body in the right way that satisfies both your physical and emotional needs around food.


IMPORTANT: This is all about a change of mindset, your new eating routine is now fuelling your body (for energy & good health) whilst balancing the hormones in your mind (for satisfaction & pleasure).


If you think about diets, they do the opposite, they don’t satisfy your hunger and send your hormones crazy which makes you obsess about food and eating (talk about a vicious/cruel cycle)!!!

Here’s a snapshot of the process…


It all boils down to a bit of education around digestion and fully understanding how your mind and body reacts to different foods (as one affects the other).


Instead of worrying about weight gain and ‘being good,’ your focus now changes to fuelling your body, satisfying your physical hunger whilst also satisfying your emotional needs.


There’s nothing ground-breaking, its simpler than you think.


Once you understand how your body and mind reacts to the different food groups, you then start adopting some new behaviours (habits) around eating that will help you satisfy both your physical and emotional needs.


All you are doing is adapting and tweaking your daily eating routine by weaving these powerful habits into it over a period of time. 


You can take your time (weeks/months) as once you find the ‘sweet spot’ that works ideally for you (you’ll feel great when you do!), you then have it for a lifetime 😊.

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If you're up for it...

We'd like to inspire and help you develop a healthy, nourishing and satisfying weight management routine, so here are a couple of options to consider...

1. Weight Management (and Weight Loss) 

Tips & Tricks?

If you’re ‘tyre kicker’ 😉 who has a very busy life but would still appreciate some great weight management/weight loss tips and information along the way, we've got plenty for you. 

2. Weight Management (and Weight Loss)   Bespoke Programme.

Based around 12 key sections, this programme will help you understand how your mind & body interact around food, give you the habits and behaviours that will help you satisfy both your physical & emotional needs, whilst maintaining your optimum weight.

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