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  Simple Weight Management Programme... 

When You Eat to Consistently Satisfy Both Your Physical and Emotional Needs... Your Weight Will Simply Take Care of Itself!

Cover shot SWM programme.png

We sincerely believe this is the only weight management programme you'll ever need (very nice surprise at the end too 😊).


Here's why... you can forget about diets, fads, apps, slimming clubs and calorie counting forever, unless you’re a bit weird and actually enjoy them!


Your mind and body already has all the faculties (in the form of hormones) to satisfy all your needs around food, whilst helping you maintain your optimal weight.

Let's just check to be absolutely sure... have you ever felt really hungry or eaten so much that you feel absolutely stuffed (full to bursting)?

If you answered yes to either or both, the good news is you already have all the faculties you need for simple weight management 😉!  

Here's the main problem you're facing...


The diet/weight loss industry and the fast food industry are both worth billions. Because they're always vying for your attention to make money, it means you're being bombarded with endless media articles, advertising and conflicting information.


It’s enough to drive anybody insane… and head for the donuts instead 😊!


Here’s the bottom line, all these companies and providers have their own vested interest (profit) trying to obtain your business.


How about we put your long term, best interests front and centre instead, and work on the following premise…


Let's view you and your body as a beautiful, efficient

biological machine that works best when it is

well fuelled and feels good (satisfied).


In other words, you have a physical need to eat for energy and an emotional need to derive satisfaction and pleasure from your food.


Your focus should be to continually balance and satisfy these two important needs, whilst you maintain a steady weight that puts a smile on your face 😊.


Could you handle that?


The biological reality is, when you do balance these needs (easier than you think) you’ll feel more energised, and the weight will take care it itself because you’ll be eating in biological tune with your mind and body.


And that is what we want to teach you through tutorial videos and a workbook, if the thought of all this is desirable to you.


It’s essentially going back to basics and understanding how your biology and hormones operate around food and then adapting your eating routine to compliment this.


There’s nothing fancy, its more about re-education and then simply applying it. To simplify…


A regular supermarket shop along with the right Knowledge, Mindset and Routine, is all you’ll ever need 😊.


Just in case you’ve missed it, this programme once you’ve adopted it and tweaked it to suit you, is effectively the holy grail…

You’ll be able to eat plenty (nothing off limits, moderation applies though!), feel full and satisfied without having to worry about putting on weight!

OK, let's put some 'meat on the bone' ...


Here’s an overview of the simple weight management (SWM) 

programme, so you can get a feel for how it will do all this for you…

SWM Programme Snapshot


Section 1 ~ It’s Just A Process (that your body will love 😊)

You’ll understand there’s no quick fix and the answer is the long term consistency of good habits that work in tune with your mind & body. This will allow you to eat plenty (nothing is off limits), feel satisfied and maintain your optimal weight.


Section 2 ~ Your Hidden Enemies (in the Food Chain)!

You’ll learn how the odds are generally stacked against you in the food industry with many hidden dangers and a lot of manipulation. They spend a fortune on trying to get you to consume the ‘bad’ stuff, we’ll highlight the manipulation and what to limit/avoid. 


Section 3 ~ The ‘Crazy’ Psychology of Diets!

You’ll completely understand why diets and counting calories are counterproductive (and torture!) and that working with your biochemistry is the answer. Hopefully, you’ll never consider a diet again after this and throw any diet books away for good 😉!


Section 4 ~ Understanding How Your Mind & Body Interact

You’ll understand why the battle over eating isn’t between your willpower and the chocolate cake, it’s between your brain chemicals (hormones). The key is to pay attention to them and keep them balanced with an eating routine that leaves you feeling full (physical need) and satisfied (emotional need). 


Section 5 ~ How Different Foods Affect You.

The BIG one! You’ll learn how different foods affect your body in positive and negative ways (think chemical reaction), hence we label them ‘Bad for you’ and ‘Good for you’ foods based on what they do to your body. You can still (in moderation) eat whatever foods you wish, it’s knowing how (the best way) that's key 😊!


Section 6 ~ The Dangers of Emotional Eating!

As eating is pleasurable, we’ll cover the dangers of emotional eating where food is regularly used as medication to feel better (it gives us a short term dopamine hit), masking a deeper issue. Having a binge or blowout after a tough day/week is fine (that’s human). We’ll cover the general causes and how to deal with it.


Section 7 ~ The Multiple Benefits of Exercise (non-negotiable 😉)

You’ll fully appreciate the importance of regular movement, the multitude of benefits and why it’s your digestive system’s very best friend. You don’t need to join a gym, just going for a regular walk or a few mini walks is sufficient. You don’t even need to leave the house if you don’t want to. Quality sex also does the job!  


Section 8 ~ The Magical Waistline Regulator (simply genius 😊).

You’ll marvel at the simplicity of this highly recommended fantastic device we call the ‘magical waistline regulator’ and will hopefully invest in one (only costs around £10) and always use it. This device will make you feel good when you’re on track and give you a little nudge to get back on track if you slightly vary. Absolute ‘no brainer.’


Section 9 ~ Reprogramming Your Mind (11 Success Principles) 

We’re going to reprogramme your mind with all the key information and learning from the first 8 sections with 11 powerful success principles. Through the repetition of habit, these powerful success principles will help you create the ideal mindset and foundation for your new ‘body nourishing, emotionally satisfying’ eating routine 😊



Section 10 ~ Your New Eating Routine ~ 15 Core Behaviours

Building on the foundations from section 9, we’re going to help you weave 15 core behaviours into your new eating routine. Over time these will become fixed habits that automatically work in tune with your mind and body to help you feel full, satisfied and happy whilst maintaining your optimal weight.  


Section 11 ~ Weight Loss Routine ~ Kick Starter (if required) 

Although the programme is designed to naturally bring you to your optimal weight, we’ve also added this optional section to kick start some weight loss if required. Based on your body’s biology, this short term (2 – 4 weeks only) optional strategy still allows you to eat plenty and lose weight.


Section 12 ~ Rebooting Your Body Action Plan

Bringing it all together step by step… to help you get started, this section will guide you on what actions to take to implement the programme into your life. We’ll walk you through how to prep your home environment and systematically adopt the success principles and core behaviours into your everyday routine.

There is a CAVEAT though, if you want this programme!

We highly recommend that you also do the essential programme in conjunction with this programme.

Here's why, the essential programme is designed to enhance your physical health and wellbeing. It helps you improve many other aspects of your health such as hydration, relaxation, sleep and gut health etc, which will all have a big positive impact on the benefits of the simple weight management (SWM) programme.

Here's an analogy, using the SWM programme without doing the essential habits programme would be akin to finely tuning your car engine to run like a dream and then setting off on a journey with flat tyres and the handbrake still on! 

Consider it as a bonus programme, we'll make it automatically available to you with this programme 😊.




There are no meal plans etc, as only you know your taste buds and what suits your daily routine. The programme is focused on building all the right foundations and behaviours so you then gradually construct your own routine that keeps you full, satisfied and puts a smile on your face.


No need for any drastic changes and trying to do it all in a week!


The idea is that you gradually weave it into your current routine over a few weeks/months and adapt/tweak/experiment as necessary to hit what we call the ‘sweet spot’ (you’ll recognise it as you’ll feel great and energised 😊). 


It’s very important you take your time implementing this programme, it doesn’t really matter how long it takes with the huge benefits at stake.

Just think about this…


Once you’ve established the foundations and behaviours into a routine that works just right for you (the 'sweet spot'), you’ve then got it for the rest of your life, hence, the value in taking your time and getting it right is priceless!


No more calorie counting, fads, apps or diets ever again 😊.


Have a blowout too..!


As this programme is all about integrating a permanent new routine that gives you everything you want, it means there's no dieting misery ever again 😊. However there will be odd times when you really fancy a blowout, perhaps big weekend away, a holiday or just the odd day?

This is normal life, so just go with it and enjoy a bit of gluttony for a few days (good for the soul). We guarantee you (from experience) that after a few days of enjoying a blowout, you'll start to feel sluggish and actually look forward to getting back to the usual (new) routine as it feels good, so it's win, win 😊!

This is all about long term self-care, predominantly using food as medicine, treating your body very well and feeling great on multiple levels!


Its ultimately about long term self-care for your body, you’re investing in your health & wellbeing, through well researched and proven information.


So, let’s talk value…


In a world where many people will spend many £1,000's to improve a part of their body or to go on a wellness retreat just once, what is the potential lifetime value of this life/health enhancing information?


£1,000, £5,000k, 10,000k, More? Only you can answer that!

We place a decent value on it (as you'll see below) and we sincerely value everybody who genuinely wants to take action and improve their health (not everyone is prepared to take action!).


As with all our programmes, we wish to make them accessible to everyone, regardless of circumstances, therefore, if you would really like this programme, you have the option to donate (now or later) if you wish as we operate purely on the generosity of donations.


So, before we put it in your hands, here’s a summary of what you'll get…


Simple Weight Management Programme

    84 Page Guidebook 

    16 Tutorial Videos

    Set of Success Guides

    Action Planner

    Lifetime Access to Platform

As all our programmes are offered on a philanthropic basis, there's no cost, you can make a donation if you wish. 

If you would like it, please help yourself,
it's just one-click away...

SWM cover shot_edited.png

They say you can't put a price on your health & happiness!


We say "what does your wealth look like without your health?" to get people to focus on the importance of health & wellbeing as it affects everything else in their life.


Thought provoking! 

The ball's now in your court!


If you would like the Simple Weight Management (SWM) Programme, your journey starts here, full immediate access is just one-click away...

Finally, we'd like to thank you for taking the time to look at and consider the simple weight management programme and wish you the very best of future health and happiness.


With love & blessings,

Stephen & David

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