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 Essential Habits Programme... 

Use These 11 Essential Habits to Nourish  Your Physical Health, Boost Your Energy Levels and Vitality!

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We must warn you though, there is an unavoidable side effect if you consistently do most/all the 11 habits...You'll Feel Wonderful 😊!

Forget about quick fix or fads, this is about incremental

lifestyle changes through simple daily actions to

enhance your long term health & wellbeing.  

Weaving these simple actions into your daily life, through repetition, will turn them into a set of very beneficial habits that will make a significant difference to your long term health & wellbeing.

Once they become fixed habits (in your subconscious), you will have programmed yourself to automatically do them, and this is the key to long term beneficial change.


With the accumulative effect, you'll start to see huge beneficial changes in your general health and wellbeing in a few short weeks


Quite a bit of it is common sense, however with the busy lives we all live these days, sometimes we just need a little reminder and nudge in the right direction 😊.

However, if at any time you no longer wish to nourish your body, have more energy, more vitality and feel good, just stop doing them (btw humour is an integral part as you’ll see 😉).


With each habit, you'll get the studies and background knowledge for reference as to why it is so important for your health, along with how to do it effectively, through simple recommended actions.


OK, let's put so 'meat on the bone' as they say...

To give you an idea of the how these habits will specifically boost your physical health, wellbeing and happiness, let's get a a little more specific on each one.

Essential Habits Snapshot...


Habit 1 ~ is a health game-changer (most important habit!).

From combating ageing, aiding weight loss, helping eliminate pains/allergies, becoming more energised and focused, this habit is essential to good health and vitality (hence its number 1).


Habit 2 ~ is a wonderful gift from nature.

Utilising an unlimited source of healing energy to nourish your body and boost your immune system. Plugging into this free healing energy is very simple, we've been doing this daily for over 7 years.


Habit 3 ~ is weight loss/weight management heaven. 

Once you understand how your bodies natural systems function best, you can work with them to aid weight loss/management and boost your immune system & general health. Multiple benefits 😊!


Habit 4 ~ is the gateway to relaxation and health restoration. 

With multiple health benefits and feeling good as natural side effects, this one will help the stresses & strains of every day life  just melt away😊. It will give you a sense of calmness and focus.


Habit 5 ~ is about energising and recharging your body. 

This is the bedrock of good health and vitality that modern day life has played havoc with for a lot of people. This one is about the quality that will positively affect every area of your life.


Habit 6 ~ will make you feel great 😊. 

Its fun natural medicine that instantly makes you feel good, offers multiple health benefits from stimulating your immune system, toning your muscles to putting a spring in your step. 


Habit 7 ~ will supercharge your health & immune system. 

This is paramount to give you a solid core for health, vitality, and wellbeing. It's about taking good care of your insides, so it is reflected outwardly in your energy and vibration. 


Habit 8 ~ will fill you with plenty of lovely endorphins 😊.

From boosting your energy levels, making you feel positive about yourself to burning a few calories, this one has a multitude of health benefits for minimal effort (you can even do it watching TV)! 


Habit 9 ~ is a little bit of nirvana for you.

Combing relaxation & rejuvenation, it will do absolute wonders for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. You can simply let go and just lose yourself in a beautiful way. Surprise included!


Habit 10 ~ is 'high grade' fuel to nourish your body.

If your body could communicate directly with you about its key nutritional needs for vibrant health & wellbeing, this one has all the answers. Will have a positive impact on your energy and mood. 


Habit 11 ~ (saving the best til last) is the elixir of the gods 😀!!

This one is the most uplifting, exhilarating & energising habit you could possibly do! This is about connecting on the deepest level. It will make you smile and put a twinkle in your eye when you do it 😉. 

How to implement these habits for your long term benefit  


The recommended way is to gradually weave the habits into your daily routine over a few weeks/months. Perhaps start with the ones that resonate most with you, get doing them until they become fixed habits and then start to adopt others. 

Some will likely be new to you, whilst others more familiar one are about simply adapting existing routines in a more beneficial way for your health & wellbeing.


It’s very important you take your time implementing this programme, it doesn’t really matter how long it takes with benefits at stake.


Just think about this…


Once you’ve adapted most/all these habits into your routine and got them working just right for you, you then have them all (along with the wonderful health & wellbeing benefits) for the rest of your life 😊.


Adopting this programme (as with all our health related programmes) is ultimately about long term self-care, you’re investing in your health & wellbeing, through well researched information, turned into body nourishing habits.

To do this, we invested hundreds & hundreds of hours into researching and studying books and courses (but please don't feel sorry for us though, as we loved every minute 😉) to create all our health programmes.


We then condensed them all into sets of health and wellbeing nourishing habits based on simple everyday actions to make it as easy as we could for you to implement. 


So, let’s talk value…


Just imagine if you implement most/all of these habits and significantly enhance your long term physical health & wellbeing, what is the potential value of this information worth to you over your lifetime?


£1,000, £5,000k, 10,000k? Only you can answer that!


We place a decent value on it (as you'll see below) and we sincerely value  everybody who genuinely wants to take action and improve their health (not everyone is prepared to take action!).


As with all our programmes, we wish to make them accessible to everyone, regardless of circumstances, therefore, if you would like this programme, you have the option to donate (now or later) if you wish, as we operate purely on the generosity of donations.


Before we put it in your hands, if you would like to hear how others have benefitted from this programme click here. Right, here’s what you get…


The Essential Habits Programme

    77 Page Guidebook (pdf version)

    13 Tutorial Videos

    Additional Guidance Videos (Habit 9)

    Habit Action Steps Summary

    Habit Progress Tracker

  ✔  Direct Access To Us (via Platforms)

As all our programmes are offered on a philanthropic basis only, there's no cost, you can make a donation if you wish.  
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If you would like it, full access is one-click away, just help yourself... 👇

They say you can't put a price on your health!


We say "What does your wealth look like without your health?" to get people to focus on the importance of health and how it affects everything else in their life.


Thought provoking! 

The ball's now in your court!


The Essential Habits Programme is just one-click away for immediate full access...


Finally, we'd liked to thank you for taking the time to look at and consider the essential habits programme, we would like to wish you the very best of future health and happiness.


With love & blessings,

Stephen & David

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