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 Numerology Based Healing Programme Index 

Welcome to the numerology based healing programme. Thank You for taking the time to consider this powerful information.

Please bookmark this page as this is your gateway and index to all the programme information and resources. For maximum comprehension, we recommend working your way through the programme in numerical sequence.


We sincerely hope you get lots of value and implement this information to enhance your personal circumstances and help bring compassion and healings to others as appropriate.

Warmest wishes

Stephen & David

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 Programme Contents 

 Healing Programme Guidebook (pdf)


Just click this link for immediate access to the 33 page guidebook which has everything you need

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Section 1 

 Understanding The Basics of Numerology 


In this section you'll learn;

  • What Numerology Is

  • The Energetic Meaning of Each Number

Section 2 

 Understanding The Numbers & Their Specific Traits 


In this section you'll learn;

  • The 12 Life Path Numbers & Their Corresponding Traits

  • The 9 Birthday Numbers & Their Corresponding Traits

  • The 26 Letters of the Alphabet & Their Corresponding Traits

Section 3 

 How To Use The Colour Coded Charts to Spot 'Potential' Trauma/Abuse  


In this section you'll learn;

  • The 5 Step Process To Assess A Client

  • Case Studies To Help You  

  • Useful Resources

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