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  Asha's Money Masterclass  

Let Me Show You How To Systematically Transform Your Wealth with These Powerful Money Management Strategies & Tips.

(The Very Best Foundational Knowledge for Humans
This is Simplified Financial Literacy on Steroids 


"...if only they taught this stuff in schools!"

Yes, I know what you're thinking...


How can a gorgeous little cocker spaniel give out financial knowledge wisdom, right?


I do get how it seems very odd, however there's a very simple explanation...


You see, I spent my early 'working' years mostly laid on the floor of a financial practice (as my mum was the office manager).


As well as getting lots of fuss from the clients, I basically just laid there passively absorbing all this powerful financial info. 

When you have ears as big like mine, its the most natural thing in the world to just relax and listen!

Because all this valuable information is of absolutely of no use to me at all, being a humanitarian (...or is it dogitarian) that I am, I wanted to put it all to good use.

So, drum roll...


I've created a money masterclass so that

you can  benefit from all this powerful

knowledge instead 😊.


I roped in David to help me as I can't type very well (my paws end up hitting around 5 keys at the same time, nightmare!) or present videos in an educational way.

What David and I have done for you is create a programme that I have decided to call Asha's Money Masterclass as its the very best foundation knowledge on the planet for looking after your finances and building long term prosperity (you can judge for yourself)!

It's a series of tutorial videos and a comprehensive workbook (198 pages!) covering 17 specific sections. The 17 sections are split into 7 key areas as follows...

   1. The basic foundations of money mastery.

   2. Key concepts to building wealth.

   3. Powerful principles to accelerate wealth creation.

   4. Taking control of your current financial affairs.

   5. Practical tips to enhance your current finances.

   6. Practical tips to help you create financial independence.

   7. Inspirational tips to help you create financial independence.

Just in case you were thinking "What is a financial related masterclass doing in a health & wellbeing related website?"


The financial health bucket is 1 of the 8 buckets in the vibrant health 'buckets' teaching model. You can see it here in the centre of the top row.

8 Health Buckets.png

Consistently nurturing these 8 key areas related to your health & wellbeing is what creates a solid foundation for a genuinely happy, healthy & fulfilled life.

Financial health is huge part of this, as it impacts on many areas of your life and has a huge effect on how you go through life.


If your finances are in very good shape and you feel good about them, it automatically boosts your emotional and mental health and helps life flow much easier for you.


And of course, it opens more doors for you...


When you have good financial management, feel in control and have money in the bank, it gives you more choices and opportunities in life!

Its important to state that "money cannot buy happiness" but it does give you more choices and more options making it easier to find that inner fulfilment that you (and every other human) desires, called happiness!.  

Just remember, I'm talking as a dog who is happy with just a bowl of dog food, a nice walk in nature, plenty of naps, a few treats and plenty of fuss (especially tummy rubs). That's all I need for happiness 😊.

Just wanted to put things into the proper perspective!

OK, let's put some  'meat on the bone'...

From the 7 key areas mentioned above, the masterclass covers every aspect of personal finance from young kids starting saving to creating plenty of wealth for retirement and everything in between.


This is done in 17 distinct sections, here's an outline of each one...

AFM full.jpg


Section 1 ~ Understanding the Cashflow Quadrant. 

You'll learn there only 4 ways to earn money, 2 involve working for money and the other 2 are money working for you. It's wise to have a firm footing in both camps!


Section 2 ~ The 4 Essential Money Skills.

Money will always flow through your life allowing you to do what you want with it. Learn and develop these 4 essential skills (essentially habits) to create strong foundations and a lot of future wealth 😊.


Section 3 ~ Why You Should Focus on 'Building Pipelines.'  

You'll learn a very simple and powerful concept for creating a lot of potential wealth. Using a fun metaphorical story, it demonstrates how financial intelligence is about working smart with your money.


Section 4 ~ How to Plant & Grow Money Trees.

Who wouldn't like to have a money tree or two 😊! This is another fun concept for creating a lot of future wealth by teaching you how to plant small 'money trees' that take care of your financial future. 


Section 5 ~ The Magic Money Multiplier. 

You'll learn how to use this magic money multiplier to create a lot of wealth over time. Einstein referred to it as "The most powerful invention of man." It's a 'no-brainer' that everyone should use!


Section 6 ~ The Power of Leverage.

This is the another magic money multiplier that effectively gives you money for nothing to invest with. Discover how you can use this to create significant wealth over time, anyone can do this!


Section 7 ~ Take Stock With a Financial Health Check. 

Time to get practical. I'll walk you through a full analysis of your current finances to help you create a personal financial statement. This is powerful, it's what the financially savvy do 😊!


Section 8 ~ 3 Cornerstones of Intelligent Financial Planning.

This one walks you through the 3 key foundations blocks of good financial planning. As the backbone of your finances, its very important that you prioritise these for your peace of mind! 


Section 9 ~ Set Up Your Finances for Financial Freedom.

This one is a 'biggy'! Learn how to stack all the cards in your favour by setting up your finances to automatically move you towards your goals and financial freedom. Takes initial effort but very powerful!


Section 10 ~ How to Save a Fortune on Your Mortgage. 

Learn how to reduce your mortgage balance sooner (easier than think) and save thousands of pounds (£) in interest over the term. 

Lenders do not want you to do this, as your gain is their loss. 


Section 11 ~ Complete House Buying Guide in 7 Steps

Buying and moving house is usually an exciting time but it can also be a little daunting & stressful. This guide walks you through all the key elements to help you plan and manage the process with ease. 


Section 12 ~ The Fastest Way Out of Debt.

Use these 5 steps to get out of debt as fast as practically possible.  This one also covers how to deal with any financial distress along with the options and help available. Includes a set of Do's & Don'ts.


Section 13 ~ How to Build a Profitable Property Portfolio.

Arguably the best way to create significant long term wealth as it combines the 2 magic money multipliers (from sections 5 & 6) 😊! I'll walk you through the potential and give you practical tips & advice. 


Section 14 ~ Get a 25% Guaranteed Risk Free Investment

An absolute no-brainer! It might appear 'too good to be true' on face value but this available right in front of your nose! When I explain it to you, I sincerely hope you will take advantage and 'fill your boots!' 


Section 15 ~ Nurture Your Kids Towards Financial Success.

You'll love this! Discover how to use fun and inspiration to ingrain a positive money mindset into your kids and give them the foundations for a solid financial future. A great potential gift for kids 😊!  


Section 16 ~ The Magic Formula for Retiring Early.

Its just a 2-step formula! No tricks, its simply about working smart and not hard. Once you understand it and want to apply it, all you need is the right mindset and the right plan! Potential life-changer!


Section 17 ~ Action Plan/Guidance to Help You Put it all Together.

Time for action! Reg😊ardless of your current financial position, this section will guide you to identify your financial goals and what initial actions you need to take. Step-by-step action planner included.  

Some extra's to help you... 

 Financial Goal Planner ~ to help you decide what you really want! 

 Financial Statement ~ to help you see how you are currently doing.

 Budget Planner ~ help set up your finances as efficiently as possible.

 Financial To-Do List ~ help identify the key areas that need action.

 Recommended Reading ~ inspire and enhance your financial literacy. 

To summarise the masterclass...

Solid practical (actions) and inspirational (mindset) financial knowledge & guidance to turn simple money

enhancing actions into consistent habits!

How to get the best use of the programme


You'll see I've covered every single base of personal finance in a generic and inspirational (I hope!) way to help you plan and create the future prosperity you desire. 


It doesn't matter if you are a teenager just starting your 'independent' financial journey or you are a seasoned investor with lots of assets. Its all relevant as it covers every foundational aspect of financial planning and management, no matter where you are starting from.

As you can see from the outline above, its not a case of 'must learn it all, before I can apply it' mindset.

The idea is you can pick and choose what is relevant to you now and start applying it to your personal situation, whilst being aware of all the guidance and inspiration in the programme, to use when relevant.

I would strongly recommend you go through everything initially for general awareness and understanding, you just never know what it may 'spark' in terms of ideas!

The information is based on the very best universal financial principles and concepts known to mankind. I can say this because none of it is mine (and I'm a dog not motivated by money!). 

I've just coordinated it all into a single programme to make life easier for you (because I'm nice like that 😊).


So, let’s talk value…


Just imagine if you implement all the practical advise along with some of the wealth building concepts & principles, what is the potential value of this information worth to you over your lifetime?


£1,000k, £5,000k, £10,000, £20,000? Only you can answer that!


I place a decent value on it (as you'll see below) and at vibrant health we sincerely value everybody who genuinely wants to take action and improve their financial circumstances (not everyone is prepared to take action!).


As with all our programmes, we wish to make them accessible to everyone, regardless of circumstances, therefore, if you would like this programme, you have the option to donate (now or later) if you wish as we operate purely on the generosity of donations.


Before I put it in your hands, here’s what you get…


Asha's Money Masterclass

AFM cover_edited.png

    198 Page Guidebook (pdf version)

    27 Instructional Videos

    Financial Goal Planner

    Financial Statement/Analysis Planner

    Financial Budget Planner 

  ✔  Full Set of Step-by-Step Guides 

As all our programmes are offered on a philanthropic basis, there's no cost, you can make a donation if you wish.

If you would like it, please help yourself,
it's just one-click away...

The ball's now in your court!


If you would like my Money Masterclass to get started on your financial abundance journey, immediate access is just one-click away... 

Finally, I'd liked to thank you for taking the time to look at and consider my masterclass and interacting (in print) with a dog 😉!


I would like to wish you the very best of future prosperity, health and happiness.


With love & blessings,

Asha x 


" success is neither magical or mysterious, it is the consequence of applying basic fundamentals." 

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