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Let’s get serious about your health!

Try these powerful habits, to  naturally boost your health & wellbeing and put a spring in your step...   

Where would you like to start?

2. Enhance your mental & emotional health to naturally feel good? 


3. Effortlessly manage (or lose) your weight and never have to diet again?


1. Improve your physical health, wellbeing & energy levels?


"Forget quick fix, the only solution to long term vibrant health & wellbeing is the consistent application of good natural habits"



2 energetic grandads looking to make the world a healthier & happier place, one beautiful soul at a time 😊!

Meet: Stephen Kirkbride & David Orrey.

Let's just say they've been around the block a bit (in the nicest possible way 😊), spent plenty of time learning at the university of life and picked up a fair bit of wisdom (often the hard way) along the way! 


Now on a journey to inspire many beautiful souls to nurture their health & wellbeing and bring more joy and fun into their lives.

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Vibrant Health Academy

Significantly enhance your health & wellbeing with these 3 comprehensive programmes based around powerful habits.

Discover 11 essential habits that will nourish your physical health, wellbeing & boost your energy levels.

Start using these 22 advanced habits to nurture your mind, body & soul and feel wonderful.

Forget diets and learn how you can eat plenty to stay full, feel satisfied and maintain your optimal weight! 

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