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Specialist Knowledge & Associated Habits to Transform Your Health & Well-being

"Let Me Help You Super Charge Your Health & Vitality with These Simple Habits"

“Vibrant health & well-being is the consistent application of basic fundamentals (habits), there's no shortcut”

  Stephen Kirkbride

Vibrant Health Plans & Personal Coaching


11 essential habits to nourish your body and soul. They are designed to significantly boost your health and well-being. Easy to follow guide book with recommended action steps and accompanying videos (1 per habit) will lead you step by step through the plan. 



22 life-changing habits. Includes the 11 essential habits and 11 advanced habits to nourish your mind, body and soul. From building self esteem, emotional balance to self confidence, these habits will make you feel wonderful and change the way you move through the world.



If you are really serious about transforming your life, health and well-being, the 1 year coaching programme is available to you. We'll come into your environment and make the changes with you, to get you on the right track using the 22 habits and then coach you to make sure you incrementally grow and get to where you want to be.



If you are looking for that initial push to really transform your life, then the fast track coaching programme could be the key. We'll help you make all the right changes and make sure you are in tune with all 22 habits and then coach you so you are right on track to where you want to be after the 66 days. 



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Tough plasterer from Doncaster starts seeing ghosts and gives up drink on the spot 😊!

Hello, I’m Stephen Kirkbride.

I not only gave up booze on the spot, I actually poured £200 worth of booze down the sink that day!


It was 29 December 2013 and since then I have changed multiple habits and my mindset around health and feel absolutely wonderful for it :) 


Prior to that, it wasn't a pretty picture as you'll see!


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