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Please bookmark this page as this is the gateway to all the Vibrant Health Essential Programme information and resources.


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We sincerely hope you adopt all the habits into your life and feel fantastic for it.

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Vibrant Health
Essential Programme

Essential Programme Guide Book (pdf)

Just click the link for immediate access to the 79 page guide book which has everything you need.

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Quick Guides (pdf)

To access the full set (all 11 habits) of recommended actions steps and progress tracker only click here


To access the 2 programme base model chart and useful visual aids only click here

To access the base model video to help you fully understand the 2 educational base models the programme is built on click here

Individual Habit Instruction Videos/Links

Just click the links below to access the individual instructional video for each of the 11 essential habits. Within each page, you'll find additional links for further research (should you wish) and recommended books/websites.

Habit 1 ~ Optimal Hydration

Habit 2 ~ Earthing

Habit 3 ~ Intermittent Fasting

Habit 4 ~ Deep Breathing

Habit 5 ~ Quality Sleep

Habit 6 ~ Regular Laughter

Habit 7 ~ Gut Health Regime

Habit 8 ~ Regular (Basic) Exercise

Habit 9 ~ Meditation

Habit 10 ~ Quality Nutrition

Habit 11 ~ Regular Orgasms

Advanced Plan Upgrade

If you would like to upgrade to the advanced plan, you may do so at anytime for a one off investment of £128.00


Just hit the buy now button below, and input your details for instant access.


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